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Guests enjoying drinks at sunset on deck The excellent dining on-board a Thomson cruise Thomson Cruises

With Thomson cruises, 2014 is a great year to explore the Caribbean. You’ll visit such destinations as Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados - one of the most famous Caribbean islands. As well as the picture-postcard beaches you would expect, Bridgetown offers the ultimate in Caribbean duty-free shopping.

St Barts meanwhile, is the go-to beach retreat for such show biz luminaries as Beyonce and Jay-Z, while St Maarten is a beautiful island which shares a dual French and Dutch heritage and boasts two ‘capitals’, the Dutch capital Philipsburg being a key port of call. The island’s shopping capital, it´s the ideal place to grab a rustic bargain or the perfect designer item, while you can unwind in Bistro style in the French capital Marigot.

Basseterre on St Kitts is a real-life tropical paradise where you´ll have the run of some truly beautiful beaches, such as Turtle Beach and Pump Bay. There are some historic sites to behold too, such as former British garrison Brimstone Hill Fortress. Antigua is famous for having a beach for every day of the year but boasts some beautiful inland countryside too; both factors which make it another timeless Caribbean destination.

When exploring the Mediterranean with Thomson Cruises, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to itineraries and there is a wealth of ports to experience. Civitavecchia is your port of call for one of the world’s most legendary cities, Rome. Here you’ll be able to see for yourself such iconic structures as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and St Peter’s Basilica and soak up the bustling Italian atmosphere.

Palma on Majorca offers sun and sophistication in equal measure, with stunning architecture, tree-lined boulevards and tucked-away tapas bars to experience. Barcelona is Spain’s most culturally-enchanting city and offers you the chance to experience many of the works of Antoni Gaudi first-hand, such as the unforgettable Cathedral of the Sacred Family. Of course, there’s plenty in the way of beaches and a stroll down the bustling, pedestrian-only Las Ramblas is a must.

French Riviera towns such as legendary film mecca Cannes and gateway to St Tropez Toulon are also popular fixtures and with Thomson, the Greek Isles are yours to explore, too.

If you want to explore further north in 2014, then Thomson cruises offer a choice of itineraries rich in ice-filled wonder. Visit Iceland’s contemporary and cultural capital Reykjavik, where a wealth of both artistic and natural wonders await and Akureyri, which lies on the shores of one of the country’s most majestic fjords. In Norway, visit Bergen with its brightly-coloured houses, cobbled streets and UNESCO World Heritage Site wharf and Ulvik, which boasts a wealth of Bronze Age history and stunning waterfalls.

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