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You can choose from a range of ultra-luxury ships and also those targeted at couples and families, meaning you’ll be able to find a cruise that is perfect for both you and your fellow travellers.

Because we want to share with you the popularity of cruises from the UK, we’ve assembled a great range of deals. Just click on the links if you’d like to see our latest offers. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn a little more about some of the destinations you can visit on a cruise from the UK, please read on.

Cruising around the UK

You don’t have to travel far to have an amazing cruise experience and with a cruise around the UK, you’ll see the British Isles in all their glory. With stops in ports all around the country, you can experience some of its most captivating cities and idyllic rural locations, along with a host of sights and landmarks linked to the rich history of the UK.

Northern Europe

Cruises to Northern Europe are perfect for culture vultures and landscape-lovers alike. You can take a short city break cruise to Amsterdam, Bruges or Paris, or travel further afield on a Baltics voyage to see the most memorable sights of such countries as Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Russia. The delights of Norway and Iceland are also yours to uncover with a voyage around the Fjords and the Arctic Circle.


Most Mediterranean cruises from the UK will focus on the Western Mediterranean due to its closer proximity. These are your ticket to such ports as Barcelona, Marseilles and Civitavecchia - the port for Rome. However, it’s also possible to take a longer Eastern Mediterranean voyage which will introduce you to the sun-kissed charms of such countries as Greece, Turkey and Croatia.


One of the best ways to truly experience everything that a cruise ship has to offer is by embarking on a transatlantic cruise. It will give you more days at sea and therefore the opportunity to get acquainted with the ship and immerse yourself in its features. From live entertainment and sports facilities to swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spa treatments, you’ll have plenty of time to experience it all. Of course, there’s the added bonus of your arrival at a great destination on the other side of the ocean, once your voyage is over.

Round the world

The ultimate cruising experience, a round the world package lets you spend months travelling the globe, visiting more destinations in one holiday than you’d ever have thought possible. You’ll be able to experience a wide range of cultures and sights across numerous continents and explore them further with the help of any number of dedicated shore excursions. Of course, with a round the world cruise, you’ll still have more than enough time to simply relax, unwind and enjoy the facilities of your ship, too.

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