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Whether it's the perfect pre-Christmas getaway, with the chance to explore unique and fascinating markets and the opportunity to grab some beautiful presents, or it's just the perfect excuse to escape the poorer weather and find somewhere warm to unwind away from all the December stresses.

The great thing about December cruises as well is that it's one of the best weather seasons in some of the most popular cruise destinations, giving you another great reason to get away and see the world while the opportunity presents itself. We have some amazing ultra-luxury cruises, as well as a number of more family-oriented itineraries and ships if you want to take the kids with you.

We've hundreds of cruises for you to choose from, including some where you can sail from a UK port for added convenience. With destinations well-suited to all kinds of holiday, we've got a fantastic cruise that's perfect for you. Just give our team a call and we'll take of everything.

December Destinations

There are two things that make December a tough month at times — the oft-awful weather and the bustle of the build up to Christmas. With bitterly cold days hampered with rain, ice and snow and streets full of shoppers it can be a horrible time.

Take a Caribbean cruise though and you can experience the complete opposite, a tropical paradise of absolute serenity. Almost two-thirds of our cruises in December are to the Caribbean islands, letting you enjoy the best of the dry season with immaculate white beaches and gorgeous crystal clear waters creating a taste of ultimate relaxation.

We've a mix of short breaks and longer Caribbean getaways, with a range of cruise lines and ships to suit every travelling party, so whether it's an action-packed family break or something a bit more calm and elegant, the Caribbean makes for a magnificent cruise.

Away from the region there are numerous cruises around Europe. Unlike the summer months, more of the cruises are tailored towards the northern region rather than the Mediterranean although voyages to both are available. December is one of the better times of the year for possibly seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, if you're lucky enough to witness them, while a city break to France, Holland or Belgium is ideal if you want a mini cruise with the option to visit nearby Christmas markets.

Cruises to the Panama Canal in Central America, as well as around the continent of South America, are more readily available in December than in many other months, again including a mix of mini cruises and those lasting a week or two. See stunning wildlife around Brazil, Peru and the Galapagos Islands along with lively and interesting cities.

Other cruises in December visit the wonders of the Far East, as well as destinations around Africa and Australia, while Transatlantic options let you spend more time at sea if you're more interested in the cruising side of your holiday rather than necessarily being interested in visiting multiple destinations.

Call our Cruise Concierge today to book your cruise for this December, or to book ahead for December next year.

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