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Ushuaia in Argentina The Palacio Legislativo building in Montevideo The centre of Peru's capital, Lima

Some regions have more cruises to choose from than others this time of year, but there are still a massive range of itineraries available. If there’s somewhere special you wanted to visit, our February cruises can take you there. From North America to Australia, there’s a comprehensive range of destinations perfect for shaking off those bad weather blues.

February Destinations

February offers some major events which are perfect excuses to enjoy a cruise. The first, of course, is Valentine's Day. Many of our cruises are ideal for a romantic getaway during the season of romance. Paris, anyone?

Amidst the romantic bliss, it’s important to remember that a fantastic reason for cruising in February is that the climate in some destinations is superb. If you fancy a break from the rain in the UK, then simply set sail for the Caribbean and you'll be enjoying a cocktail in the sunshine in no time.

As a place in which to unwind and escape the dour weather of the UK it remains unmatched, with a truly idyllic atmosphere and scenery including clear waters and white sands that stretch for miles along peaceful islands. Snorkelling, scuba-diving and surfing are always on the agenda in this peaceful island paradise.

If culture is more your thing, then you may be interested in a Mediterranean cruise. Even during February the Greek islands remain an utterly enchanting choice for a cruise getaway, not to mention the beguiling cities of Dubrovnik and Split. The history and culture of the Mediterranean is captivating year-round, and to top it all off, you can get some fantastic deals on accommodation, dining and attractions, since February Cruises are well outside the prime tourist season.

Or for something more contemporary, you can head to the Far East with cruises to Singapore, China, Malaysia and Japan providing fascinating experiences unlike anywhere else in the world. In the end, the choice is yours.

Finally, February is definitely the prime month for world cruises. This is your chance to opt for a truly great holiday and get booked on a world cruise. You’ll get to sail the majority of the world’s oceans in considerable style.

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