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Planning a cruise holiday or craving some travel inspiration? Let our expert advice and destination guides pique your wanderlust. Advice is full of everything you could need to get more from your cruise holidays. From local cuisine and natural wonders to practical advice and behind the scenes glimpses into on-board life, our travel and lifestyle experts cover it all.

Whether you cruise for relaxation or exotic adventures, get yourself comfortable and take a peek!

Sometimes it can seem like there is almost too much choice when it comes to finding your perfect cruise holiday, especially if you are new to the cruising lifestyle, with countless destinations, cruise lines, ships and deals to choose from. To help you out, we’ve picked out some of the hardest choices you’ll have to...

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Don’t let fallacies about cruising to deter you from enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime holidays at sea. Here are eight of most common misconceptions about cruises and why, in reality, they shouldn’t stop you experiencing the cruise lifestyle for yourself. I’ll feel claustrophobic If you’re prone to claustrophobia and worried that you’ll feel trapped on a cruise...

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A must-see destination on any African cruise itinerary, Cape Town is one of the world’s most iconic city’s, characterised by its sprawling dramatic landscapes, vibrant culture and wonderful wildlife. 6 hours in... Cape Town On your first visit to Cape Town, you’ll have to choose which side of this famous region you’d like to experience...

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Middle East

The Middle East offers a diverse blend of ancient heritage and modern cityscapes, set across a vast and naturally beautiful desert landscape. Find out more about some of the Middle East's most iconic destinations before you set sail on your next cruise escape to this vibrant region. Abu Dhabi, UAE Dubai, UAE Petra, Jordan See...

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Far East

The Far East is an exotic land, famous for its diverse and exotic cultures, unique and enticing cuisine as well as the dramatic coastal landscapes across Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and elsewhere. Learn more about this far-flung region's most spectacular ports. Bali, Indonesia Bangkok, Thailand Beijing, China See all cruises to the Far East

South Pacific

Tiny specks of land lost in a vast expanse of ocean await on a South Pacific cruise. Discover white sandy beaches, tropical culture and a different way of life across this remote region, visiting some of the world's most secluded and spectacular islands. Bora Bora, French Polynesia Hawaii, USA Tahiti, French Polynesia See all cruises...

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Australia and New Zealand offer a wealth of exciting cities, breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders to discover. Learn more about some of the diverse region's most inspiring ports before you set sail on your next voyage Down Under. Auckland, New Zealand Cairns, Australia Melbourne, Australia Sydney, Australia See all cruises to Australasia


The vast and spectacular US state of Alaska is firm favourite amongst cruisers, famous for its expansive wilderness, wonderful wildlife and astonishing natural beauty. Discover more about some of this dramatic region's most popular cruise ports before embarking on your Alaskan voyage. Juneau, Alaska Ketchikan, Alaska Skagway, Alaska See all cruises to Alaska

North America

From mountains to metropolises, North America is a truly diverse and spectacular continent, offering an incredible mix of iconic cities and dramatic landscapes. Learn more about some of North America's most famous cruise destinations and set sail to this awe-inspiring corner of the world. Miami, USA Montreal, Canada New York City, USA San Francisco, USA See...

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Africa is recognised as the cradle of humanity, not only home to breathtaking scenery and iconic wildlife, but also a rich heritage dating back to the pre-historic era. Learn more about some of the continent's most fascinating cruise destinations before you set out to explore. Cape Town, South Africa Durban, South Africa Nosy Be, Madagascar See...

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