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Cruises From Los Angeles

A travel hub for the entire west coast of the USA, Los Angeles is a vital port for cruisers travelling all over the world. Not only is the city itself the most exciting and popular hot spot in California, but cruising from Los Angeles means you’ll have access to an astoundingly diverse collection of destinations.

The vast majority of the biggest cruise lines offer embarkations from Los Angeles: Carnival, NCL, Holland America Line, Princess and Cunard to name but a few. As such, this is a very well-connected port which has the added benefit of being packed with spectacular sights, entertainment and dining to discover.

Things to do in Los Angeles

From the gourmet restaurants and movie star mansions that dot the Hollywood hills, to the glorious beach cities of Venice and Pedro, Los Angeles is an eclectic mix of downtown hangouts and surfing paradises, all clustered into one region.

This is a city where vineyards and massive entertainment complexes can be found in equal measure, and millionaires rub shoulders with star-spotters on Rodeo drive. In short, it’s as eccentric as a megacity is likely to get.

Where can I cruise to from Los Angeles?

Adding to the glittering reputation of Los Angeles are the regions you can cruise to from its main port. Cruisers should bear in mind that sailing from this massive city isn’t restricted to exploring the west coast.

Just take Hawaii, for example. From Los Angeles you can easily cruise to Pacific waters and enjoy everything the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. This incredible archipelago is made up of eight major islands, all of them with their own distinctive features and geography. From coral scuba havens to volcanic landscapes, this brilliant collection of islands has scenery of all shapes and sizes to enjoy – and it’s all easy to reach from Los Angeles.

Mexico, Canada and Alaska are more amazing destinations you reach from California’s busiest metropolis. If somewhere close was on your mind, you can always reach San Francisco and San Diego in mere hours.

To summarise, Los Angeles is much, much more than just a gateway to the wider Americas. It’s a rare thing when you manage to find a city which combines unprecedented links to the wonders of the world, while being wondrous itself – and that is why cruising from Los Angeles is a fantastic choice. 

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