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Oceania Cruises to the Far East

Far East Cruises are a fantastic way to tour the wonders of the Asian Continent. Available on selected sailings:

With Oceania Cruises, visiting the eternally surprising cities of this intriguing continent becomes an adventure that takes in the awe-inspiring historical sites, scintillating landscapes and modern neon cityscapes that dominate the coasts of the region.

Disembarking in Singapore, Oceania Cruises customers will be delighted to find a spellbinding city which achieves a perfect balance between contemporary glass skyscrapers and authentic ancient architecture. The wonderful heritage of the city is preserved, and is even heightened by the contrast.

If journey into the varied mystique of the cultures typical to Far East Cruises is what you crave, then Singapore is a great place to start. Districts like the Chinese quarter, as well as the city’s bevy of multi-hued Hindu Temples are centuries- old historical marvels that stand alongside natural beauty spots such as Tiger Balm Gardens and the world famous Orchid Garden.

The atmosphere of serenity is one that pervades the ports on Oceania Cruises’ Far East Cruises, with forests, jungles, and beautiful beaches complementing even the most fast paced cities. There’s always a luxury excursion or escape just miles away from the scintillating ports on offer.

This is particularly true of ports like Ko Samui, Thailand, where a settlement of quaint, brightly coloured wooden houses is the gateway to fairy-tale forests and beautiful white sandy beaches.

Heading to the interior of this lush island pays huge dividends, as cruises can visit plantations where monkeys harvest coconuts, azure lagoons featuring towering waterfalls, and row upon row of rubber trees. Hiking through these glorious surroundings can lead cruisers to the majestic Giant Buddha at Wat Phra Yai, a towering monument which is embedded into the cliffside itself.

Further afield, Oceania Cruises have a packed itinerary which explores the best of Vietnam, visiting Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hue and Hanoi. This wonderful trio of cities are packed with breath-taking sights, a rich history, and some of the finest food in the whole of Asia.

Saigon is home to spacious boulevards, thrilling markets and a colonial style that is still prevalent today. The Mekong Delta is home to river cruises that send cruisers on a journey through rural spectacles such as rice paddies and tiny villages.

Hue and Hanoi are equally as charming, and are filled to the brim with historical attractions for your delectation. Hue is blessed with the Chan Museum, which contains Chinese and Vietnamese artifacts, and as a former imperial capital, is inundated with ancient pagodas, and even a moat protected stronghold.

Other highlights include the golden Buddhist temples at Myanmar, the futuristic cityscapes of Kyoto and Seoul, and of course China, where excursions from Beijing and Shanghai can lead to the iconic Great Wall of China and the unbelievable sight of thousands of terracotta soldiers at the Maseouleum of the First Quin Emperor.

Far East Cruises are an adventure into a region with an atmosphere all of its own, a wealth of culture which has to be seen to be believed, and a cosmopolitan pace within its modern cities that will enchant first time and experienced cruisers alike.

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