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Baltic Cruises 2022

The Baltic region is a fascinating corner of the world, its grand Imperial cities are awash with beautiful architecture and fascinating historic tales. On a Baltic cruise in 2022 you can expect to visit ports of call in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

What to expect on a Baltic cruise in 2022

Many people worry that a Baltic cruise will be cold, and if you were to visit the Baltics in the winter then that would certainly be the case. However, most Baltic cruises sail between May and September when the weather is remarkably pleasant and during the summer months it can actually be pretty warm in the Baltics.

Of course, a Baltic cruise isn't about soaking up the sun as you may do in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Instead, your days ashore will be spent sightseeing and exploring all that this fascinating region has to offer. And with a northern location on the globe, you can expect much longer hours of daylight than you would elsewhere in Europe.

Fly cruise or cruise from the UK?

A big decision to make when booking a Baltics cruise for 2022 is whether to cruise from the UK or to take a flight and join your ship somewhere like Amsterdam or Copenhagen. If you only have seven days to spare for your cruise, then a fly-cruise is a great option as you'll be in the heart of the Baltics sooner and can spend more of your time exploring ashore. However, if you have 12 or 14 days for your cruise, then cruising from the UK can be the most convenient option.

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Which cruise lines offer Baltic cruises in 2022

The most popular cruise lines sailing to the Baltics are:

Each cruise line offers something different, and if you'd like some expert advice to help you choose which Baltic cruise is the best for you, then please don't hesitate to give us a call.


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