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The Kunstkamera museum in St Petersburg The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg

All cruises to Russia head to St Petersburg as their port of call. However with extended visits often lasting multiple days, there is ample opportunity to head further into this vast country, seeing other popular towns and destinations including the huge capital Moscow, which is full of interesting sights to enjoy.

However even on shorter visits there's still plenty to see and do on cruises to Russia. St Petersburg is often ranked as one of the most popular cities in the world and a home to some of the world's most must-see architecture. There are plenty of cruises to choose from, so you can take a look over our deals or read on for more information about this fascinating country.

St Petersburg

St. Petersburg is Russia’s most important port, and in all likelihood, the hub from which you’ll be discovering the marvels of the country. The city centre itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is blessed with outstanding architecture, historical prestige and fantastic museums. One of the things St Petersburg, and Russia in general is most famous for is its ballet, and many cruises have overnight visits that take in the finest performances.

Another attraction the city is famous for is the Hermitage Museum. It's one of the most visited museums across the entire continent, a home to over three million pieces of art including works by many of the most popular and renowned artists throughout history.

 Da Vinci, Renoit, Monet and many more have their masterpieces on display in the Hermitage. The magnificent museum consists of five buildings including what used to be the Tsar's Winter Palace, a beautiful attraction in its own right.

St Petersburg also features a network of canals where you can enjoy a small cruise for a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, letting you uncover the sights of the city from the water. On foot you can see the traditional domed architecture including St Isaac's Cathedral and the Catherine Palace, while other places to visit include the magnificent Yusupov and Peterhof Palaces


Moscow is often available as an excursion from St Petersburg with many cruise lines. It's the capital city of Russia, and home to some attractions, including tours of the Kremlin and the world-famous Red Square.

It is another wonderful city with many interesting monuments and historical landmarks, with sights like the Imperial Crown Jewels often included on guided tours. It's a city full of heritage and as such any cruises to Russia that offer the chance to visit Moscow should be seen as a great opportunity.

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