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Bright golden beaches and vivid blue sea in beautiful Castellon de la Plana The striking spires of the Sagrada Familia dominate the Barcelona skyline Enchanting classical architecture in historic Gijon

These factors contribute to making cruises to Spain some of the most frequent available. If you're looking for a family holiday or a quiet, luxury adults-only escape, you'll find there's ample choice when looking at crusing to Spain.

This is helped by the versatility of the country itself; there are cruises to Spain to suit all interests thanks to the many ports of call that can be visited. Whether you want to sun yourself on a beach, see historic landmarks, wander through contemporary shopping centres or visit authentic wineries, Spain has it all.

North Coast

Cruises that visit the north Coast of Spain tend to either be part of a northern Europe cruise, or something more of a speciality, such as part of a wine cruise that also includes France. Bilbao is one of the major ports in Spain, and it's a striking city. Not only is it surrounded by countless vineyards, but there are some great sights in the city centre, including the famous Guggenheim museum, an architectural delight and a must-see.

Also in northern Spain is the port of Vigo, which many travellers use as a gateway for Santiago de Compostela, popular with pilgrims looking to uncover a marvellous city dedicated to St James the Apostle, including a towering cathedral.

South Coast

The south coast of Spain has numerous cruise ports but the most well-known is Barcelona. A hub for cruising it often acts as the embarkation port for a range of itineraries including those heading around the Mediterranean and further afield. It's an amazing city with many top attractions including La Sagrada Familia, the famed Gaudi church.

Malaga's port not only gives you the opportunity to explore one of Spain's oldest cities but it's also the best port for visiting the Costa del Sol, with many cruise lines offering excursions to towns including Marbella and Puerto Banus.

The port at Cadiz offers excursions into Seville and throughout the region of Andalusia, where you can explore the historical development of the region along with the archetypal elements that create a wonderful atmosphere with flamenco demonstrations and more.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and home to some breath taking contemporary buildings with the City of Arts and Science proving to be a real highlight. There are plenty of other museums and cultural landmarks to visit too on a port excursion in this exciting location.


Away from mainland Spain many cruise ships visit the Canary Islands and the Balearics. Both sets of islands have great beaches as well as traditional cobbled streets, beautiful natural scenery and plenty of other attractions, so you can visit Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma among other Canary Islands, and in the Balearics Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.

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