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whats on board What´s on board

  • Waldorf Restaurant and Club Bistro
  • Live shows, disco and piano music
  • Shopping arcade and photo gallery
  • On-board fitness centre
  • Ocean view in 70% of cabins
  • Five speciality lounges
  • Sauna and massage facilities
  • Outdoor pool and three whirlpools
  • Hairdressing and beauty treatments
  • Guest speakers and arts and crafts

Itinerary Itinerary

DAY 1. 21st Jul 2019 Tilbury, (London), England
DAY 2. 22nd Jul 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 3. 23rd Jul 2019 Kirkwall, Orkney Isles + More
DAY 4. 24th Jul 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 5. 25th Jul 2019 Reykjavik, Iceland + More
DAY 6. 26th Jul 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 7. 27th Jul 2019 Passage Prince Christian Sund
DAY 8. 28th Jul 2019 Qaqortoq, Greenland
DAY 9. 29th Jul 2019 Narssarssuaq, Greenland
DAY 10. 30th Jul 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 11. 31st Jul 2019 Sissimiut
DAY 12. 01st Aug 2019 Ummanaq
DAY 13. 02nd Aug 2019 Ilulissat (formerly Jakobshavn), Greenland
DAY 14. 03rd Aug 2019 Ilulissat (formerly Jakobshavn), Greenland
DAY 15. 04th Aug 2019 Qeqertarsuaq
DAY 16. 05th Aug 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 17. 06th Aug 2019 Nanortalik
DAY 18. 07th Aug 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 19. 08th Aug 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 20. 09th Aug 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 21. 10th Aug 2019 Lerwick
DAY 22. 11th Aug 2019 At Sea + More
DAY 23. 12th Aug 2019 Tilbury, (London), England

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explore cabins Explore Cabins

Premium Twin Inner
Premium Twin Inner

Average size 158 sq ft/14.70 sq m The most spacious inner cabins can be found on the Pacific, Amundsen & Columbus Decks. They comprise of two lower beds …

Superior Twin Inner
Superior Twin Inner

Average size 126 sq ft/11.71 sq m Most cabins are located throughout Pacific Deck but there are six slightly smaller cabins situated on Amundsen Deck and they all …

Standard Plus Twin Inner
Standard Plus Twin Inner

Average size 126 sq ft/11.71 sq m Also comprising two lower beds, there are four of these slightly larger cabins on Caribic Deck, whilst the majority are situated …

Standard Twin Inner
Standard Twin Inner

Average size 110 sq ft/10.21 sq m Located on Caribic and Baltic decks, these smaller have two lower beds, a bathroom with shower and WC, wardrobes and drawer …

Standard Single Inner

Average size 100 sq ft/9.31 sq m Two of these comfortable cabins are on Caribic Deck and three are located on the Coumbus Deck. Each has a bathroom …

De Luxe Oceanview
De Luxe Oceanview

Average size 213 sq ft/19.81 sq m There are eight De Luxe cabins, two of which are situated on Pacific (twin bedded) and six located on Navigator Deck …

Superior Twin Oceanview
Superior Twin Oceanview

Average size 137 sq ft/12.75 sq m These cabins are situated on the higher Amundsen & Columbus Decks and whilst they have windows rather than portholes, some, primarily …

Standard Plus Twin Oceanview
Standard Plus Twin Oceanview

Average size 141 sq ft/13.14 sq m This grade of cabins extends over three decks with larger cabins found on the Caribic and Baltic Decks, and the more …

Standard Twin Oceanview
Standard Twin Oceanview

Average size 119 sq ft/11.08 sq m Situated on the Caribic and Baltic Decks, these cabins have twin lower beds and most benefit from ocean views through two …

Premium Twin Oceanview
Premium Twin Oceanview

Average size 161 sq ft/15.02 sq m These spacious premium cabins are primarily located in the midships section of Pacific Deck and here most twin bed cabins (except …

Superior Plus Twin Oceanview
Superior Plus Twin Oceanview

Average size 139 sq ft/12.91 sq m There are six cabins situated forward on Amundsen Deck whilst the remainder of the Superior Plus accommodation is located in the …

Standard Single Oceanview

Average size 129 sq ft/11.97 sq m Ten outside twin bed cabins, deemed as particularly suitable for sole occupancy, have been selected on Pacific and Amundsen Decks for …

Junior Suite Oceanview
Junior Suite Oceanview

Average size 253 sq ft/23.50 sq m There are just four Junior Suites; two each on the Pacific & the Columbus decks. These delightful cabins have twin beds, …

De Luxe Suite Oceanview
De Luxe Suite Oceanview

Average size 484 sq ft/44.96 sq m Pamper yourself with one of our two impressive De Luxe Suites that offer stylish accommodation and provide an elegant retreat in …