Bali, Indonesia

Bali in Indonesia is often referred to as the Island of the Gods, not only in relation to its abundance of ancient and ornate temples, but also its spectacular natural landscape, which is sure to inspire and delight.

6 hours in… Bali

Despite Bali’s beautiful climate and stunning coastline, for intrepid culture-vultures, it is the island’s ancient heritage and impressive architecture that draws them here.

Bali is perhaps best-known for its numerous Hindu temples. By law, each village on the island is required to build at least three and it has been noted by historians and architectural experts alike that, despite their similarities, no two temples share the exact same design.

Historic temples of Bali

Historic temples of Bali

There are so many incredible temples to visit throughout Bali, each nestled within the stunning surrounding landscape, but visitors should be aware that to enter any of these marvellous religious structures, a traditional sarong and sash must be worn in order to respect the local culture. Whether you opt for a shore excursion with your cruise line, or an expedition inland unaccompanied, Bali offers a lot to uncover in just a single day, so a pre- or post-cruise stay is the best way to truly experience this idyllic corner of Indonesia.

Been before?

While there are simply too many ancient temples and historic structure across Bali to visit them all, once you have had your fill of Indonesian cultural history, there’s something far older to explore and discover – the island’s beautiful natural landscape.

Bali's lush and beautiful natural landscape

Bali’s lush and beautiful natural landscape

A beach-lovers paradise, the island of Bali is fringed by a series of soft sandy shorelines, offering ample opportunity for a little relaxation in the sun. If lazing around all day isn’t really for you, then why not consider an exciting hike further inland to appreciate the astonishing beauty of Bali’s rugged landscape and see a wonderful mix of magnificent volcanoes, dense forests and scenic rice paddies.

Can’t keep away?

Bali is a hotspot for outdoor activities, and if you haven’t already, when you return to the island you should make sure to give some of them a go, whether it’s along the coastline or further inland.

If you’re a water sports enthusiast, Bali is home to a number of incredible diving spots, where divers will not only see a cornucopia of underwater wildlife but also historic shipwrecks laying dormant at the bottom of the ocean. If you’d rather stay above the water level however, then a trip to the beach to enjoy kayaking, surfing, yachting and more could also be on the cards.

Other sports and outdoor activities include bungee jumping, horse riding and even paragliding, so get involved and experience beautiful Bali in a unique way.

Don’t even bother!

Perhaps one of most common rookie mistakes that travellers make during their time in Bali is feeding the monkeys. Native monkeys can be observed in and around the many temples of Bali and are known as opportunistic thieves, especially if they think someone is carrying food. So use your common sense and don’t feed them – no matter how cute you may think they are!

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