You can now book your cruise online with with our handy online booking system!

Here at we are keen to help make the cruising process quick and simple. So, with our online booking system you can now book your ideal cruise at any time that suits you, with the ability to change all the aspects of your cruise to make it perfect for you.

For those of you keen to get booking, we have included a how-to guide which shows you how our online booking system works.

Online booking with

When browsing for your next cruising holiday, we often visit the itinerary pages of many cruises before we find the perfect one. For those which are applicable for online booking, a button shows on these itinerary pages to take you through to the book online process.

Online booking button -


The button currently only shows for specific cruise itineraries and cruise lines, however this can change in the future.

If you find a cruise online which you’re looking to book and there is no ‘Book Online’ button, please don’t hesitate to give our Cruise Concierge team a call and they will be happy to help you along the process over the phone.

We have selected a 14-night 2020 P&O Cruise to the Mediterranean here!



The next window is the first step in your booking journey, beginning with your overview. Here you can see the starting prices for each cabin category as well as a summary of your selected cruise.

Online booking journey -

Scroll down this window, and you find a small form on the number of passengers you’re looking to cruise with and a menu for choosing your cabin grade. Split between Inside, Outside, Balcony and Suite, each of these open up to show you a selection of cabins and their individual prices.

Prices here differ due to their size, location and view – as some rooms can be obstructed, have slightly more living space or may be the superior grade of that category.

Online booking - Cabin grades - Cruise118

We have picked a lovely Outside cabin, perfect for a view of the passing ports and sea! Once you select your cabin grade, you are taken to the cabin location menu, where a deck plan appears to show you which cabins are available for your selected grade.

Online booking - Cabin selection - Cruise118

You can change between the decks of your ship using the key on the left and see what each cabin includes using the legend on the right. The rooms which are available also flash in the deck plan, making it easy to see what’s on offer.

Online booking - flashing cabins -

Once you’re happy with your selection, you are taken through to the final summary page of your booking. Here, you can see a full outline of what you have chosen so far. This includes your cruise itinerary, dates, ship and number of passengers. Your cabin location is also included, alongside its grade and the total cruise price.

Online booking - Basket -

On this page your deposit details are also included, outlining when your full balance is due to be paid. Continuing through the booking journey, you are then taken to the final window where you complete your contact details as well as any passenger information. You will need passport details as well as date of birth, address and full names of all the passengers at this stage of the booking.

During this stage, if you’re looking to book multiple cabins for your passengers, then calling our Cruise Concierge team would be the best option so we can arrange this for you.

Online booking - Contact form -

You can also fill out additional details on this page such as dining allocation and table size, bedding configurations, payment options and payment details.

Once you have completed all the required fields, simply press ‘Complete Booking’ and that’s it! You can now start looking forward to your cruising holiday!

Book a cruise online with

Woman on laptop - Online booking

The online booking system makes it much easier for you to book with at all hours, when it’s most convenient for you. We offer a wide variety of sailings which are available for booking online, simply look out for the ‘Book Online’ button on the itinerary pages!

If you need any guidance through the online booking process, please call us on 0808 1234 118 or chat with us on our Live Chat system and we will be happy to help!

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