Guide to Solo Cruising

So, you’re craving a cruise. The ocean is calling and you’re ready to set sail. The only trouble is, you don’t have anyone to go with, or maybe you’re just someone who likes to travel alone. Well, that’s not an issue. Take to the waves unaccompanied with our guide to solo cruising. 

What is the best time of year for Solo Cruising? 

Whilst you can sail solo at any time of year, we recommend taking to the waves outside of school holidays. Not only does this tend to be cheaper, but you’re also more likely to meet fellow solo cruisers, whereas, on a school holiday sailing, you’ll often find families on-board.  

The Solo Supplement and how to avoid it

The Solo Supplement is an additional charge that single cruisers often have to pay when booking a double room. This can range from 10-100% of the total cruise charge.  

Luckily, there are ways to avoid the fee. Many newer ships do have single cabins available- but we advise booking well in advance to secure one of these. Some cruise lines, such as Celebrity Cruises and MSC Cruises, also offer solo cruising deals where you don’t have to pay the supplement.  

If you can’t secure a single cabin or find a sailing offering solo cruise deals, don’t worry. There are still ways to get out of paying the solo supplement. For example, you could find a roommate. Some cruise lines, such as Holland America Line, will pair you with a same-sex roommate upon request, although it’s worth noting that you’ll still have to pay the solo supplement if a buddy can’t be found.  

However, you don’t have to rely on your cruise line when looking for a roomie. Try travel message boards or Facebook groups. 

Which Cruise Line is best for Solo Travellers? 

Norwegian Cruise Line 

Norwegian Cruise Line offers studio cabins, which are clustered together in a dedicated area of the ship. Passengers of these cabins have exclusive access to the studio lounge- a space exclusively for solo cruisers. This lounge comes with free tea, coffee and snacks, as well as a wine vending machine. Plus, the lounge’s whiteboard is a great place to post messages for your fellow solo sailors. 

You can find studio cabins on the following Norwegian Cruise Line ships: 

  • Norwegian Getaway 
  • Norwegian Breakaway 
  • Norwegian Escape 
  • Norwegian Encore 
  • Norwegian Bliss 
  • Pride of America 

Royal Caribbean 

Royal Caribbean is another major cruise line offering cabins for solo cruisers. Plus, the wide range of activities and events on Royal Caribbean ships are fabulous for making friends or simply for enjoying new things on your own.  

You can find studio cabins on the following Royal Caribbean ships: 

  • Quantum of the Seas 
  • Spectrum of the Seas 
  • Ovation of the Seas 
  • Anthem of the Seas 
  • Odyssey of the Seas 
  • Harmony of the Seas 
  • Symphony of the Seas 

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines 

Fred Olsen ships offer a range of studio cabins on all of their ships – and that’s not all. There are special activities arranged for solo travellers as well as dance hosts who will take to the floor with any single cruisers wanting a waltz. 

P&O Cruises 

P&O Cruises offer single cabins on the following ships: 

  • Iona 
  • Arcadia 
  • Aurora 
  • Ventura 
  • Azura 
  • Britannia 

On top of this, Arcadia and Aurora are adult-only ships, resulting in a more sophisticated atmosphere on-board- and more potential friends for you.  

P&O Cruises also offers workshops and activities for single cruisers. 


Cunard has single cabins on all of its ships. There are also social hosts who arrange activities for solo sailors and dance hosts who serve as dance partners for any female guests travelling alone.  

Dining whilst Solo Cruising 

Cruising alone doesn’t have to mean dining alone. On most cruise ships, when eating in the main dining room, you’ll be seated at a large table with an array of fellow passengers. Make the most of this by asking your Maître D’ if you can be seated with other solo guests, so you can meet like-minded people and find potential buddies for excursions. You could also request to be seated at a larger table, increasing your chances of finding someone with common interests.  

With formal dining, we recommend choosing a set mealtime so that you will dine with the same people most evenings. A later sitting is usually better for solo cruisers as you are more likely to be seated on a table of adults rather than families. 

With specialty and buffet dining, you won’t be seated with others. This can be pleasant, as it allows you to relax into your meal and enjoy your own company- but if you like to talk and eat, we certainly recommend formal dining for a few nights. 

What destinations are best for Solo Cruising?

One of the best things about solo cruising is that you can go wherever you like, as you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s preferences. But if you aren’t decided on a destination for your solo adventure, here are our suggestions: 


Asia has long been a go-to destination for the solo traveller. With the rich Buddhist cultures of Cambodia, Thailand and China, it could be argued that there’s nowhere on earth better to explore solitude and the self. Plus, the impressive sights and rich history of the continent truly deserve your full attention.  


Ranked the most peaceful country in the world by the Global Peace Index, Iceland is a solo cruisers dream. If you’ve been held back from solo travel by concerns of safety, this incredibly safe country is the destination for you. And on top of all that, it’s a beautiful place too. 


When holidaying alone, it’s important to feel welcomed in the country you are visiting- and Canada is the perfect place for that. Its notoriously friendly citizens will make you feel comfortable in no time as you explore the country’s magnificent countryside and charming French Colonial towns. 

The Bahamas 

If you’re a solo cruiser who loves a beach day, head to the Bahamas. It’s impossible to feel lonely when partaking in fantastic excursions like swimming with dolphins or jet skiing around the islands. Plus, if your motivation behind a solo holiday is a need for rest, relaxation and me time, you’ll love sunbathing on the Bahamas’ blissful white sand beaches. 

The Mediterranean 

With so many cultural sites, museums and galleries in the Mediterranean countries, travelling solo can be quite beneficial. Whether you’re someone who likes to whizz around fifteen museums in a day, or spend hours exploring a single gallery, when travelling alone you can enjoy each port at your own pace.  

A few more tips for Solo Cruising 

  • Chat to the Cruise Director: If you’re looking to find fellow solo sailors, ask the cruise director to introduce you to some. They’ll be happy to accommodate.  
  • Try a themed cruise: For a higher chance of meeting likeminded people, find a cruise based around one of your interests. 
  • Harness the power of social media: See if there’s a Facebook group for your sailing and if so, join it. 
  • Try the ship’s shore excursions: This can be a great way to bond with fellow passengers.  

Now you know all the tips and tricks for an independent cruising holiday. If you’re ready for a solo seafaring adventure, check out our amazing range of sailings to start planning.  

Charlotte Richards

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