Most cruise lines offer the option of adding on a drinks package, either when you book, or when you board the ship. Purchasing this will turn your cruise from full-board to all-inclusive, which can be a great option for people who like to drink as much as they like, without worrying about the bar tab.

When deciding whether a drinks package is right for you, it’s important to consider how many drinks you plan to drink to know whether it’s worth it or whether you should just add your individual drinks on to your cruise bill.

The Top Drinks Packages by Cruise Line

These are the packages which include any drinks you like (beers, wines, cocktails, spirits, soft drinks, tea and coffee). Note that cheaper drinks packages may also be available for a reduced selection of drinks e.g. beer and wine only or soft drinks only.

Celebrity Drinks

Royal Caribbean

Deluxe Beverage Package – £53 per day

Bottle of beer = $5.50. You need to drink 12 beers per day!

Glass of wine = $10.00. You need to drink 7 wines per day!

Celebrity Cruises

Premium Package – £52 per day

Bottle of beer = $5.50. You need to drink 12 beers per day!

Glass of wine = $5.50. You need to drink 12 wines per day!

Norwegian Cruise Line

The Ultimate Beverage Package – £65 per day

Bottle of beer = $5.50. You need to drink 15 beers per day!

Glass of wine = $6.25. You need to drink 13 wines per day!

MSC Cruises

All-Inclusive Deluxe Drink Package – £37 per day

Bottle of beer = €2.90. You need to drink 15 beers per day!

Glass of wine = €4.50. You need to drink 10 wines per day!


Can anyone drink that much???

And more to the point, is it medically advisable? You’d be right to think that drinking 15 beers or 13 glasses of wine every single day of your cruise is a terrible idea. Especially when you consider that most days you’ll be ashore all day so you’d have to fit that number of drinks just into the evening.

It’s important to consider…

  • Your drinks package also includes soft drinks, water, teas and coffees. Have one of each of these and you’re already on £10.
  • If you like spirits and cocktails, these can be quite expensive. With Royal Caribbean’s cocktails costing $12 each, you’d only need to drink 6 of these to get your money’s worth.
  • If you spent £10 on a cocktail and it was really small, all ice or you just didn’t like it, you’d be very disappointed. When they’re all included, you can just order a different one!
  • Not having to think about the cost of drinks is very relaxing. When the drinks man comes round the pool with his tray of cocktails shouting ‘medication for your vacation?’, you’ll be glad that your cruise is all-inclusive.

We recommend these options…

  • Weight up the costs of the cheaper packages. If you mostly drink beers, wines or soft drinks, the top package which includes spirits and cocktails probably isn’t right for you. Ask your Cruise Concierge about the various options available when you book.
  • Get a free drinks package! Cruise lines often offer incentives to get you to book with them, with free drinks packages available when you book during promotional periods. Looking out for these can save you hundreds. Your Cruise Concierge can advise you further.

If you’d like help in finding a cruise with a free drinks package, or would like more information about all-inclusive cruises, our Cruise Concierge team will be happy to help. Just give us a call on 0207 980 2847.

Emma Smith
Emma has more than seven years' experience as a writer and has been in the travel industry for nearly five years. She loves learning about new places and cruise ships coming to market, as well as discovering fun and exciting activities to do while you sail. She has cruised with Princess Cruises, Cunard, Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Voyages, Avalon Waterways and Royal Caribbean and is looking to get something in her diary for 2024! Her favourite things to see on a ship include excellent entertainment, a delicious cocktail menu and extraordinary dining venues.

8 Responses to “How many drinks do you have to drink to get your money’s worth from your package?”

  1. Andrea ling

    Looking for price list of alcohol/ soft drinks on martime and voyages please as trying to work out if £900 is worth spending on drinks package ?

    • Emma Smith

      Hi Andrea, I’ve passed your details on to our Cruise Concierge team who will be in touch with more information. Thanks, Emma.

  2. Rumyana

    How can I get information about the drink packages on P&O Cruise and how can I add it when I book a cruise (I’m interested in Caribian cruises at the moment)…
    Thak you in advance!

    • Emma Smith

      Hi Rumyana, Of course! A member of our Cruise Concierge team will be in touch with further details. Thanks, Emma.

  3. Patricia blackmore

    Patricia 30th July
    Hello does anybody know the drinks package on the royal Caribbean does it include champagne in the champagne bar.

    • Emma Smith

      Hello Patricia, There are a few drinks packages available on-board Royal Caribbean. The Deluxe Beverage Package includes all alcoholic drinks up to £13 in value. Champagne is slightly more than $13 per glass, so you will be charged the difference in cost when you order. This Drinks Package is around $44 – $55 per guest, per night. Hope that helps! Thanks, Emma.

  4. Queenber

    Royal Caribbean drinks package is good value. I am not a big drinker but enjoy a Strawberry daiquiri (or two) by the pool everyday. When you add in a couple of coffees and a soft drink, it soon adds up.

    • Emma Smith

      Hello, the drinks package is great value and well worth it for a hassle-free holiday. And who doesn’t love a poolside strawberry daiquiri! Best, Emma.


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