Sydney, Australia

Sydney is arguably Australia’s most iconic city, home to a wealth of world-famous landmarks, captivating cultural experiences and stretches of scenic shoreline, all complemented perfectly by the region’s abundant sunshine.

6 hours in… Sydney

While many cruise itineraries will offer an overnight on-board in Sydney, or maybe even an extended hotel stay, if you find yourself in the city with just one day to explore, they are a number of local landmarks and attraction that are not to be missed.

There’s little argument about which Sydney’s two most famous man-made landmarks are. The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are both ingrained the culture and heritage of Sydney, and both of these amazing structures are open to the public. While you might not have time to see a show at the Opera House, there’s nothing stopping you from wandering around to simply have a look inside. Those organised individuals who’ve planned their day in advance could have even arranged a Harbour Bridge climb, scaling to the top of this gigantic structure to enjoy incredible panoramic views of Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour itself is also worth taking time to appreciate whilst in the city. A stroll along the waterfront is a great way to soak up the local culture and provides fantastic views of one of the world’s largest natural harbours. A sightseeing tour of Sydney is possibly the best way to see all of the iconic landmarks and attractions that Sydney has to offer in one go, although there’s always something to be said for heading out on your own to explore at your preferred pace.

Been before?

So you’ve explored the city of Sydney already and seen all there is to see? Well I suppose you’ll be looking for a little relaxation now, won’t you? Well luckily, Sydney boasts one of the world’s most iconic beaches, the world-famous Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is a surfer’s paradise, and although the area attracts droves of ‘rad dudes’ getting ‘amped’ and ‘hanging loose’ on the beach, this massive beach is also the perfect place to relax on the sand, take a casual dip in the sea or enjoy a range of other exciting water sports. Alternatively, you’ll also find plenty of shops and bars along the waterfront, so you can just unwind in the shade while the rest of your party hits the waves.

Can’t keep away?

As a major global metropolis, brimming with culture and heritage and attracting tourists from all over the world, it’s hardly surprising that Sydney is filled with fantastic shopping districts, restaurants and bars and which to browse for souvenirs or sample some local cuisine.

Not only can this, but those with a bit more time on their hands can travel just outside the city to see some of Australia’s most inspiring scenery and wildlife. Not far from Sydney you’ll find the Blue Mountains and the Royal National Park, both of which offers incredibly rewarding experiences. Nestled just outside the city in the New South Wales countryside, these verdant mountainous regions combine breathtaking landscapes and an array of wildlife. While exploring on foot is a great way to appreciate the area’s natural beauty, to really appreciate your surroundings, you could opt for an unforgettable helicopter tour for a unique perceptive on the region.

The Blue Moutains to the west of Sydney

The Blue Moutains to the west of Sydney

Don’t even bother!

Coastal activities are very popular along Sydney beautiful shorelines, but if you’re an inexperienced surfer, don’t expect to become a pro too quickly. It might look straightforward, but surfing takes a lot of practice and the last thing you want to do is dive straight in and injure yourself. So take your time, perhaps even take a surfing lesson, and take care when you decide to ride the waves.

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