Nothing beats a delicious cocktail to complement a relaxing day at sea aboard your cruise ship. Whether you ask the bartender to whip you up a fruity drink, or you create your own concoction using the ingredients from your mini bar, there's no denying the attraction of a colourful cocktail. We asked cocktail expert Mike Green to give us his advice on the best 5 cruise holiday cocktails and he didn’t disappoint! Read on to learn how to make and perfect his top 5 cruise cocktails, so you can enjoy one of these tasty tipples on your next voyage.  
  1. The Blue Lagoon

Perfect as: A refreshing summer tippleThe Blue Lagoon 1 x 25ml Vodka 1 x 25ml Bols Blue Curacao Lemonade Method Take a highball glass and fill with cubed ice pour over the vodka and Blue Bols and give it a stir, top with lemonade, stir and garnish with a cherry.  
  1. The June Bug

Perfect as: An 80s throwback with a kickThe June Bug cocktail 1 x 25ml Midori Melon Liqueur 1 x 25ml Bols Banana Liqueur 1 x 25ml Coconut Rum 100ml Pineapple Juice 1 x 25ml Fresh lime juice Method Pour all of the ingredients into a Boston shaker and fill with ice, shake for 10 seconds and strain into a hurricane glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a pineapple slice and a cherry.  
  1. The Hot Toddy

Perfect as: A winter warmerHot toddy cocktail 1x 50ml spirit (choose from whisky/bourbon/rum/cognac) Boiled water A sweetener (Granulated sugar/Demerara/Honey/Maple syrup/golden syrup) Orange/lemon peel Lemon juice Cinnamon Method Using a mug or some other heat resistant vessel, pour in a good measure of spirit (50ml) - whisky, Bourbon, Rum and Cognac all work well. To sweeten now add granulated sugar, Demerara, Honey, Maple syrup or golden syrup. Add a little orange peel, lemon peel, lemon juice, a touch of ginger, a pinch of all spice, a little ground cinnamon or a cinnamon stick and a couple of whole cloves (play around with the ingredients, leave out what you don’t like or make use of what is in the cupboard). Now fill up with hot previously boiled water and stir to ensure that your sweetener has dissolved into the drink. Sip away and enjoy!  
  1. The Brugal Swizzle

Perfect as: A Caribbean concoctionBrugal Swizzle cocktail 1 ½ measures of rum Angostura bitters Crushed ice Sugar Ginger ale Citrus fruits Method Take a highball glass and place a slice of lime, lemon and orange into the bottom along with a teaspoon of sugar and muddle them together. Add two dashes of Angostura bitters and 1 ½ measures of rum (Brugal Anejo Dominican Rum would be my choice). Add crushed ice to the glass and swizzle all the ingredients together. Top off with ginger ale. Top off with more crushed ice and a slice of citrus fruit.  
  1. The Sea Breeze

Perfect as: An ideal cruise companionSea Breeze cocktail Crushed ice A fruit garnish (lemon or lime) 1 x 50ml Vodka Cranberry juice Grapefruit juice Method Take a clean tall glass, fill it full of ice and squeeze over your desired fruit garnish, usually lemon but try a wedge of lime or both. Now pour over a good measure of high quality vodka (35ml – 50ml) and fill the glass to ¾ full with cranberry juice. Fill remains of glass with grapefruit juice (use Pineapple juice to create a Hawaiian Breeze) and stir the drink to combine the flavours. Sit back with your Sea Breeze and admire the ocean views!   For more cocktail inspiration why not visit Please drink responsibly.
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