People go on holiday for many different reasons; rest and relaxation, adventure, sightseeing – to name just a few. On a cruise holiday you can have it all, and it’s up to you how you spend your time. Many people love to educate themselves while visiting ports of call along their itinerary, bringing to life historic sights they have only read about.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Sites are must-see destinations on any holiday, and with history in all corners of the world, there is no better way to see and explore them than on a cruise.

Within this blog we have gathered some of our favourite historic destinations often visited within our cruise line’s itineraries.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


With its outstanding medieval architecture, Dubrovnik is one of the best historical destinations to visit, and there is so much to see here. The Walls of Dubrovnik encircle the majority of the old city and reaches a maximum height of around 25 metres in places, it has long been a source of pride for this location. The turrets and towers of the city are also a great historical feature to witness when walking through the town, or above from roof-top dining/bar locations.

There are many Churches and Cathedrals around the city, including a gothic style Cultural History Museum with portraits, coats of arms and coins, on display, Dubrovnik has so much history on offer. You have the chance to visit the enchanting city of Dubrovnik on-board a number of our European cruises – so don’t waste any time in booking your next cruise!

Cairo, Egypt


The chance to go to Cairo should never be turned down, with the pyramids being the star attraction here. No trip to Cairo is complete without a trip to one of many pyramids scattered across its deserts as they really are a sight to behold. You can take a step back in time and see how the ancient Egyptians lived by soaking up the history that surrounds you. Whilst here, you might also want to take a camel ride and view the great Sphinx in style, whilst a visit to Cairo’s Museum to discover the extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities, is also a must.

The people of Cairo are so welcoming, and their culture is second to none, giving a fantastic opportunity to not only learn about the history here but experience everything from their cuisine to art and lifestyle.

Athens, Greece

Acropolis, Athens

When you think of historical places to visit, Athens is usually up there. Renowned for its rich history and archaeological ruins; you will never be stuck for things to unearth. One of the must-see historic attractions in Athens is the Acropolis, said to be the most striking ancient Greek monumental complex to still exist in our time, and considered to be one of the most significant ancient monuments in Europe. It is thousands of years old and home to some extraordinary ruins, including the world-famous Parthenon temple and Theatre of Dionysus.

Rome, Italy

Vatican City

The capital of Italy is packed with historic attractions and boasts thousands of years of history. Rome really speaks for itself when it comes to the culture and history on offer here, from the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine to the Vatican Palace and the Pantheon, the list is endless. With so much to see here you won’t get to witness it all in a day, however it’s also important to remember that even the most devoted sightseer should take some time to kick back and enjoy the whole package Rome has to offer.

Cozumel, Mexico

Chichen Itza

Cozumel’s rich history has stood the test of time and is now more than ever the gem of the ‘Mayan Riviera’ and today’s Cozumel has evolved into a world class tourist destination. The Chichen Itza is considered by many to be one of the most significant of all Mayan Ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula. And once you learn about the magnificent ancient culture you will understand why the Mayans were so important. The history here, paired with the clear blue water and white sandy beaches makes a perfect, must-see historic sightseeing cruise destination.

No matter what your interest in history is, with so much variety on offer, these destinations have something to please everyone. Cruise holidays are a great way to see all these breath-taking places, and with ports in each destination you can see and experience multiple places during one holiday.

Our expert Cruise Concierge team are always available to help you plan your perfect getaway; offering invaluable advice, immersive excursions and tailoring a holiday you will never forget! View all of our itineraries today and begin planning your next cruise!

Charlotte Richards

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