Did you even go on a cruise if you don’t have the envy-inducing insta-worthy pics to prove it?

To ensure you have the most spectacular holiday snaps on the gram, head to these insta-worthy destinations!

Santorini, Greece

Your followers will undoubtedly double-tap a picture of taken in front of Santorini’s iconic blue and white buildings. Head to the Oaia cliffside for the perfect pic with the gorgeous Grecian backdrop. 

You can secure these exquisite Santorini photos on a range of our Mediterranean cruises.

Paris, France

Paris is a city full of fabulous photo ops. A picture in front of the spectacular Eiffel tower is an absolute must. But the Eiffel tower isn’t the only insta-worthy landmark in Paris. The Arc du Triomphe, Notre Dame, and Sacre Coeur also make incredible photo backdrops.

Simply look at our Mediterranean cruises visiting Paris, and you’ll soon have the most enviable Instagram grid of them all.  

Rome, Italy

Rome’s magnificent Colosseum is one heck of a backdrop for your holiday Instagram photo. Or perhaps you’d rather take a pic in front of the stunning Trevi fountain, or the historic Roman forum. There’s certainly no lack of insta-worthy photo ops in this dazzling ancient city.

Head to Rome on one of our Mediterranean cruises.

Barcelona, Spain

The whimsical creations of Antoni Gaudi will make your holiday Instagram post a hit. Pose with the sensational sculptures of Park Guell or take a pic with the breathtaking La Sagrada Familia. 

You can also visit the Museum Nacional d’Art de Catalunya to take a photo in front of the Magic Fountain of Montjuic- where you’ll certainly agree that the title of “magic” fits the landmark well. 

Visit beautiful Barcelona on one of our Mediterranean cruises.

Mallorca, Spain

This Balearic island is rife with insta-worthy locations. Pose on the steps of the La Seu Cathedral for a gorgeous gothic backdrop or take a snap of the Bellever circular castle.

For a magical photoshoot, the Cuevas Del Drach caves have an incredible otherworldly vibe. A picture with the enchanting stalagtites and stalagmites of this fairytale cavern is sure to make your followers pause mid-scroll. For a super-grammable Mallorcan photoshoot, take a look at our Mediterranean Cruises.

Marbella, Spain

Marbella certainly doesn’t lack insta-worthy beaches, with both Mahiki Beach and Nikki Beach being super popular on the Gram. However, it’s not just Marbella’s beaches that make it a super photogenic destination. Head for delicious food and cocktails at MOSH and have a photoshoot in their IG-famous light tunnel. 

For a touch of surrealism in your Instagram pictures, head to Dali park. Or if you’d like to inject some humor into your IG feed, take a picture with the big red dog- no, not Clifford- on Puerto Banus.

Take a look at our Mediterranean Cruises to find one that docks in Marbella.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wandering along Dubrovnik’s historic walls offers countless photoshoot opportunities. The views at either side of the wall are magnificent- so whether you choose the red-roofed old town or the sapphire sea as your backdrop, the shot is sure to be gorgeous.

Head to Dubrovnik aboard one of our Mediterranean sailings.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and extravagance to your Instagram grid, look no further than Monte Carlo. 

A photo in front of the world-famous Monte Carlo casino is undoubtedly insta-worthy, as is a shot in front of the spellbinding Opera de Monte Carlo. 

For an insta pic with floral flair, head to the enchanting Princess Grace Rose Garden, home to 300 equally beautiful types of rose.

Sail to Monte Carlo on one of our Mediterranean cruises.

Geirangerfjord, Norway

This UNESCO World Heritage Site provides an utterly breathtaking backdrop to any cruise deck selfies. With cascading waterfalls and snowy mountain peaks, this majestic fjord makes for the perfect nature photo. 

And don’t forget to pack your most insta-worthy hiking gear, as you’ll have the opportunity to hike to some of Geirangerfjord’s most spellbinding viewpoints, like the Ornisvengen viewpoint or the Geiranger Skywalker. 

Take spectacular photographs at this fjord and many others on one of our Norwegian Fjords cruises.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora’s white sand beaches are a dream location for the obligatory holiday bikini snap. Bonus points if you get some of the island’s floating bungalows in the background.

Or for a photo with an amazing view of the island- head to the peak of Mount Otemanu. 

You can take these fabulous pics on a range of our French Polynesia cruises.

Quebec, Canada

Exquisite Quebec is home to the most photographed hotel in the world- Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. A snap in front of this architectural masterpiece is sure to rake in the likes- but it’s far from the only insta-worthy spot in Quebec. Why not take a pic whilst strolling down the quaint Rue de Petit Champlain or grab a selfie with the stunning buildings of the Place Royale as your backdrop?

We have a number of wonderful North America cruises that stop in Quebec.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For an insta-worthy view, look no further than Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world. Climb this 828 metre marvel for a shot with a phenomenal backdrop of the city, or get a similarly jealousy- inducing shot on the Sky Views observatory deck. 

For an angelic Instagram picture, strike a pose in front of the golden Wings of Mexico- a huge hit with the influencers. 

For an Instagram wall that will make all of your friends jealous, just check out our Dubai and the Emirates cruises.


The sensational sights of Singapore are sure to make your Insta grid stand out.  Head to the Museum of Ice Cream to get a cute and quirky snap in their sprinkle pool. Or visit the Fort Canning tree tunnel for a photoshoot on the elegant spiral steps or Gardens by the Bay.

For a futuristic photograph, get a shot in front of Singapore’s amazing Supertrees. 

And luckily for you, we have lots of fantastic Asia cruises to take you to Singapore.

Tokyo, Japan

Vibrant Tokyo is Instagram gold. Whether you take a pic in front of the futuristic skyscrapers of Shinjuku or the ancient beauty of the Imperial Palace Gardens, the likes are sure to come flooding in. 

If you’re looking for the perfect Kawaii insta snap, Takeshita street is known as the cutest street in Tokyo.

And the best time of year for taking photos in Tokyo? It has to be cherry blossom season, which lasts between March and April. 

You can visit Tokyo- and grab some adorable pictures- on a number of our Asia cruises.

Beijing, China

Beijing’s marvelous Forbidden City will give your Instagram pictures a touch of regal ancient beauty. 

Or take an excursion to the Great Wall of China. A photoshoot on this wonder of the world is sure to look epic on your IG grid. 

Take one of our amazing Asia cruises to see Beijing.

Make sure your next cruise is picture-perfect by booking with Cruise118.com and experiencing one of our many fantastic sailings!

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