With our busy lives of jobs, families and responsibilities, we don’t always have time for a lovely long cruise. Well, fear not- because we have a brilliant range of short cruises that will satisfy your cruising cravings in just a few days. Plus, for those new to cruising, a mini cruise is the perfect way to test out your sea legs.

You’ll Save Money!

We compared a 3-night round trip on a Princess Cruises Scenic Voyage from 10th-13th September with a 5-star weekend getaway in London on the same dates. The cruise worked out at just £948, whilst the London trip would set you back £1877- that’s right, the weekend cruise came out almost a grand cheaper!

With food and entertainment included in the price of your cruise, you know exactly how much your holiday will cost. On the other hand, short breaks in cities means paying for high-end entertainment and dining separately to the cost your hotel, which leads to fees mounting up.

Short cruises are also an excellent way to experience the luxury of cruising when your budget doesn’t allow for a long-haul voyage, with sailings under £500 per person from cruise lines such as NCL, Royal Caribbean, and even traditional cruise lines such as Cunard.

There’s No Need to Fly!

There’s no need for airport hassle with short cruises. Whilst you can embark on mini cruise getaways from foreign ports, there are lots of mini cruises from the UK to choose from, departing from:

From these ports you can set sail on short breaks to Western Europe, the Mediterranean, the Norwegian Fjords, or nearby beauties like Scotland and Ireland.

However, that isn’t to say there aren’t amazing reasons to take a mini cruise from a foreign port. Consider taking a mini cruise as a perfect beginning, middle or end to an abroad stay. For example, you can finish a sensational USA vacation in style with a mini cruise to the Caribbean or Mexico. Or perhaps you’d rather break up a Greek holiday with a four or five night cruise around the islands.

Short Cruises Are Great for a holiday with friends

A weekend cruise with friends can be so much fun, and it’s a fabulous way to make memories as a group. Head to Amsterdam with the likes of Celebrity Cruises, a classic destination for group trips. Visit the world-famous Ice Bar or enjoy a cultured trip with your buddies by taking in the spectacular artworks of the Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum.

 If you and your pals are more interested in on-board activities, cruise with Royal Caribbean to race each other down the Perfect Storm™ twin racer slides or play a game of laser tag. Then, enjoy a tipple at the Trellis bar, the English pub, the Champagne bar, or the Viking Crown lounge- to name just a few of the fantastic drinking spots on-board.

Short Cruises Are Wonderful for Families

Mini cruises are an excellent way to get your kids used to the idea of cruising before booking a longer voyage. You can check whether your little ones suffer with seasickness, familiarise them with cruising etiquette, and help them understand the different areas of the ship.

Youngsters will especially love Christmas and Halloween themed mini cruises with Disney, and they’ll adore exciting activities like bungee trampolines and surfing simulators on short cruises with Royal Caribbean.

Captain Mickey Mouse high-fiving a family on a Disney Cruise Line ship

How to Prepare for a Mini Cruise

With such a limited amount of time on-board, it’s a good idea to plan ahead to make the most of your mini cruise.

  • Prioritise: On cruises under a week, you won’t be able to partake in all of the ship’s marvellous activities. So, research ahead and pick your favourite activities, restaurants and experiences on-board and make those a priority.
  • Book in advance: With your fellow cruisers also wanting to make the most of their time on-board, lots of the best activities will quickly become fully booked.
  • Research: Swot up on the ship and ports to make a rough schedule before you sail. However, make sure your schedule is flexible as cruise ship itineraries can change for varying reasons, and certain cruise ship features can become unavailable.
  • Arrive early: Cruise ships like to embark promptly at the departure time, weather permitting, so make sure you aren’t late. Plus boarding early gives you more time aboard the ship to dip in the pools or try the on-board cocktails.

So, there you have it- you can cruise without spending too much money, leaving the dog too long, or using up all your annual leave with our amazing selection of short cruises.  Whether it’s your first taster of cruising, a short trip with friends, a couples’ weekend cruise, or a mini break with the kids, we’ll surely have the voyage for you.

Feel free to contact our expert sales team with any questions on your next cruise holiday on 0808 278 3940.

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