In this guide to CocoCay we aim to answer every question about Royal Caribbean’s private island of CocoCay to help you plan your Perfect Day. We’ve gathered all the answers to common, and less common questions about CocoCay, plus have included a few exciting CocoCay secrets. So read on and get ready to enjoy your Perfect Day at CocoCay.

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CocoCay FAQs

What is Perfect Day CocoCay?

Perfect Day at CocoCay is a private island in the Bahamas which is exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests. Here you can chill out by the beautiful beaches and a huge lagoon pool, or enjoy thrilling activities like water slides or ziplining.

Is CocoCay open?

Yes! CocoCay is currently open. The island underwent a $200 million overhaul and reopened in May 2019. Since then, it closed for ten days due to Hurricane Dorian, but it is now open for business.

What happened during the CocoCay renovation?

CocoCay, formerly known as Little Stirrup Cay, underwent a $200 million makeover to add 125 acres of thrill and chill attractions. The project saw the addition of features such as the waterpark, pools, zip line and helium balloon as well as a pier to allow ships to dock without requiring tender boats. The rest of the project will see the addition of Maldives-style overwater cabanas at the South Beach side of the island, which are set to open in December 2019.

How big is CocoCay?

The island is less than a mile wide from west to east and less than 200 metres from north to south. In terms of walking distance, from the ship to the Arrivals Plaza is a six-minute walk. From here to the waterpark is three minutes and to the Chill Island area is five to ten minutes.

Aerial View of CocoCay

Aerial View of CocoCay

Is CocoCay a man-made island?

This depends on your definition of man-made. The island has always existed and was discovered along with other islands over 500 years ago. However, as it has been developed, parts of it are man-made including the pier, an artificial reef made of wrecks where the fish like to congregate and of course, things like water slides.

How do you pronounce CocoCay?

There is some debate over whether CocoCay is pronounced as ‘kay’ or ‘key’. The word ‘Cay’ is actually included in the name of many Caribbean islands, including private islands such as Castaway Cay, Half Moon Cay and Harvest Caye. According to the dictionary, a ‘cay’ is a small, low island, and this word is pronounced as ‘key’. In fact, Bahamian locals often pronounce ‘cay’ as ‘key’. However, more often than not, visitors and cruise line staff pronounce the ‘Cay’ in CocoCay as ‘kay’. So, either way is acceptable.>/p?


Getting to CocoCay

Where is CocoCay located?

CocoCay is located in the Bahamas, 65 miles northwest of Nassau.

Can you fly to CocoCay?

CocoCay does not have an airport, and the only way to access it is onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Which cruises go to CocoCay?

Most cruises to CocoCay depart from Florida, although it is also possible to depart from other ports including New York, Baltimore, Galveston and New Orleans. Itineraries range in length from 2 nights to 14 nights. You can also visit CocoCay on selected transatlantic sailings.

Which ships go to CocoCay?

The majority of the ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet will call at CocoCay. You can click here to see sailings.

Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas


Is CocoCay a tender port?

Not any more. Since the pier was built in May 2019, ships can now dock at CocoCay without the need for tender boats.CocoCay pier

Can you stay at CocoCay?

Currently, CocoCay is only open for day visits. However, there are some cruises with later departures which allow guests to stay on the island until late in the evening. In the future, it may be possible to stay overnight on CocoCay, but currently, it is not.


CocoCay activities

What is there to do at CocoCay?

CocoCay has more activities than it’s possible to do in a day, so it’s definitely worth planning ahead. The activities can be broadly split into ‘thrill’ and ‘chill’. So whether you want fast-paced fun or to relax and recharge, you’re sure to have a great time. Or if you want to do a bit of each, you can do that too.

Chill Island

Chill Island


Things to see and do at CocoCay include:

  • Chill Island – Relax on the beach, chill in a private cabana, ride a jet ski or snorkel in the sea
  • Thrill Waterpark – Ride water slides such as the Daredevil’s Peak, avoid the obstacles in the Adventure Pool or splash around in the Wave Pool
  • Zip Line – Slide along a 1,600-foot zipwire and splash land in the lagoon
  • Up, Up and Away – Rise 450 feet above the island to enjoy the highest vantage point in the Caribbean
  • Oasis Lagoon – At the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean you can enjoy a drink at the swim-up bar
  • Captain Jill’s Galleon – A pirate-themed aqua park with slides and water cannons
  • Splashaway Bay – Royal Caribbean’s aqua park is usually found on ships, but there’s an even bigger one on CocoCay
  • South Beach – Enjoy beach volleyball, basketball, football, paddle boarding, glass-bottom kayaking and zorbing or wade out to the floating bar
  • Coco Beach Club – Experience Maldives-style relaxation, with private overwater cabanas and a beachfront infinity pool


Coco Beach Club Infinity Pool

Coco Beach Club Infinity Pool


Is CocoCay free?

Yes. There is no entrance fee to CocoCay and any extra costs are optional. There’s lots to enjoy on the island without spending a penny.

What’s included at CocoCay?

If you’re wondering what’s free at CocoCay, you’ll be pleased to know that everything in this table is free of charge…

Thrills Splashaway Bay
Captain Jill’s Galleon
Dining Skipper’s Grill
Chill Grill
Snack Shack (3 throughout island)
Pools Oasis Lagoon
Beach chairs, umbrellas and towels
Beaches Chill Island
Beach chairs, umbrellas and towels
South Beach
Beach chairs, umbrellas and towels
Sports Courts
Fitness Classes (some)
Freshwater showers
Tram service
Beach access wheelchairs


Captain Jill's Galleon

Captain Jill’s Galleon


CocoCay price list

The prices of activities on CocoCay vary depending on the sailing.  Exact prices can be found by visiting Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner after booking your cruise.

Thrills Thrill Waterpark
Includes 13 waterslides, Wave Pool, Adventure Pool, complimentary dining at Snack Shack, beach chairs, umbrellas and towels
Admission charge $44-$99 per person
Age 0-3: Complimentary
Cabana Rental: Grants
complimentary admission
for up to 6 guests.
Thrill Waterpark + Zip Line Package pricing FULL Day: $99-$179 per person
Zip Line For a charge $79-$139 per person
Up, Up and Away (helium balloon) For a charge Age 13+: $39-$99 per person
Age 4-12: $24-$64
Age 0-3: Complimentary
Beaches Coco Beach Club
Includes access to exclusive beach,
club house, infinity pool, complimentary
dining at The Grille at Coco Beach Club,
beach chairs, umbrellas and towels
Admission charge Age 13+: $54-$99 per person
Age 4-12: $34-$69
Age 0-3: Complimentary
Cabana Rental: Grants
complimentary admission
for up to 8 guests.
Dining Captain Jack’s A la carte  Prices according to menu
More Amenities Cabanas, daybeds throughout island Rental charge See cabanas pricing below
Umbrellas throughout Rental charge  
Beach rentals (kayaks, snorkels, etc.) Rental charge Varies
Spa services
(Coco Beach Club & Chill Island)
For a charge Prices according to spa menu
Cococay activities

Cococay water park, zipline and balloon ride


CocoCay height restrictions

There are height and weight requirements for many of the slides and pools in the Thrill Waterpark, Splashaway Bay and the Zip Line. You can see the height and weight limits in the following table:

Daredevil’s Peak waterslide 48 inches minimum 300 lbs maximum
Dueling Demons waterslides 48 inches minimum 300 lbs maximum
Screeching Serpent waterslide 48 inches minimum 300 lbs maximum
Green Mamba waterslide 48 inches minimum 300 lbs maximum
Manta Raycers waterslides 40 inches minimum 300 lbs maximum
The Slingshot waterslide 48 inches minimum 300 lbs maximum for a single rider or 550 lbs for two in a raft
The Twister waterslide 48 inches minimum (42 inches if wearing a swim vest and accompanied by an adult) 300 lbs maximum for a single rider or 550 lbs for two in a raft
Splash Speedway waterslides 42 inches minimum 300 lbs maximum
Adventure Pool Guests under 48 inches must wear a swim vest none
Wave Pool Guests under 48 inches must wear a swim vest none
Splashaway Bay slides none 200 lbs maximum
Zip Line 48 inches minimum 75 lbs minimum and 275 lbs maximum


Thrill Waterpark Family Slides


CocoCay excursions

Shore excursions from CocoCay are also available and can be booked via your Cruise Planner or on-board the ship. Examples of shore excursions include:

  • Parasailing
  • Reef snorkelling
  • Glass bottom boat tour
  • Stingray city
  • Swimming pigs tour
  • Guided jet ski tour
  • Kayak adventure
  • Scuba diving

Can you go snorkelling at CocoCay?

Absolutely! CocoCay is amazing for snorkelling with crystal clear waters and lots of fish to see. There’s even a sunken plane wreck where the fish love to gather.  You can go snorkelling on your own right off the beach or enjoy an excursion to go snorkelling by boat with a guide.

Can I bring my own snorkel gear?

Yes. You’re welcome to bring your own snorkel, mask, vest and flippers to CocoCay. If you prefer, you can also hire snorkel gear on the island.

Snorkelling on CocoCay


Cabanas and day beds

There are several options for relaxing in the shade on CocoCay. Beach chairs and umbrellas are free, but if you’d like something a little more luxurious, here are your options:

  • Beach bed – up to 4 guests
  • Cabana – up to 8 guests
  • Floating Cabana – up to 8 guests (Available from 31 January 2020)

In the past, guests could reserve beach bungalows and clamshells but these have now been replaced with day beds and cabanas.

Cococay Cabana

beach cabana

Where are cabanas located on CocoCay?

Cabanas are available in the following locations:

  • Thrill Waterpark cabanas
  • Chill Island Cabanas
  • Oasis Lagoon Cabanas
  • Coco Beach Club Beach Cabanas
  • Coco Beach Club Overwater Cabanas


Coco Beach Floating Cabanas

Coco Beach Floating Cabanas


CocoCay cabana perks

Each cabana comes with attendant service, so you don’t need to get up to fetch your own food and drinks, just let your cabana attendant know what you’d like and they’ll bring it to you.

If you reserve a cabana at Thrill Waterpark, you’ll enjoy complimentary entry to all the slides and activities in the waterpark for up to six guests.

If you reserve a beach cabana or over-water cabana at Coco Beach Club, you’ll enjoy complimentary access to the club for up to eight guests. The new floating cabanas as Coco Beach club are over the water and come with hammocks, minibars your own personal slide into the sea.


Food and drink

Captain Jack's

Captain Jack’s

Is food included at CocoCay?

Yes, there are five complimentary dining options on the island which are great for lunch and snacks:

  • Skipper’s Grill – Enjoy burgers, tacos, salads, sandwiches, desserts and unlimited ice cream
  • Chill Grill – Favourites include the jerk chicken sandwich, shaved rib eye cheesesteak and the Portobello and mozzarella sandwich
  • Snack Shack – The three Snack Shacks each serve hot dogs, mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce, crispy fries and salads

Speciality dining is also available at Captain Jack’s which has an a la carte menu.

Plus, if you have admission to Coco Beach Club you can enjoy an elevated menu as well as morning pastries and snacks all day.

Are special diets catered for?

Options to suit most dietary needs are available on CocoCay including vegetarian and gluten free options. For other diets including vegan and kosher, there are no marked options, but salads and french fries are always available. Alternatively, you can have lunch back on the ship.

Skipper's Grill

Skipper’s Grill


Is there a kids’ menu on CocoCay?

There are no children’s menus, but there are plenty of choices to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Are drinks included at CocoCay?

The complimentary drinks available at CocoCay are water, lemonade and flavoured water. You’ll find drinks stations across the island.

If you purchase a drinks package for your cruise, you can also use it on CocoCay, entitling you to a huge variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If you would like a drink in a souvenir cup and you have a drinks package, you’ll only be charged for the cup.

Is CocoCay all-inclusive?

Yes. If you purchase an all-inclusive drinks package to use on your cruise ship then it also works on CocoCay. This means that all your island trip is all-inclusive as food is included too as well as drinks. Drinks are also available to purchase individually at the bars.


CocoCay Weather

Bad weather is rare in CocoCay. If it is too windy, certain attractions like the tallest waterslides, the zipline and the helium balloon ride may close. If this happens, guests will receive refunds.

CocoCay temperature

Like the rest of the Bahamas, CocoCay experiences warm weather all year round. The temperature is highest in the summer months between June and September when it reaches up to 32 °C. In the winter the daytime temperature averages 21°C.

Average min and max temperatures in Nassau, Bahamas


CocoCay water temperature

The sea is always a pleasant temperature for swimming on CocoCay, averaging 28°C in the summer and 22°C in the winter, making it a similar temperature to the air. Watersports, snorkelling and swimming in the sea or the pools can be enjoyed all year round.

Average water temperatures in Nassau, Bahamas


CocoCay rain

Rain rarely spoils anyone’s fun at CocoCay. In the winter it hardly rains at all. Although the rainfall is heavier in the summer months, showers tend to be short-lived and offer a welcome break from the summer heat.

Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Nassau, Bahamas


Is CocoCay safe?

CocoCay is a very safe place to visit. As the only people on the island are cruise ship passengers and staff, crime is virtually non-existent. Lockers are provided for you to store any valuables.


There are lifeguards at every pool, on every slide and on the beach. However, parents should still keep a watchful eye on their children near the water.


Snorkellers may see the occasional shark at CocoCay as there are many sharks in the Bahamas. However, there has never been a shark attack here. The water is very clear and the sharks have good eyesight so can see that humans are not food. This is very different to places like California where the water is murky and people are dressed in wetsuits and flippers so they may be mistaken for seals.


There may be some jellyfish in the waters around CocoCay, depending on the weather. These aren’t dangerous but could give a painful sting. If you are stung, head to the first aid station or the dive shack and they will give you some alcohol to spray on it which will stop the sting.


If you take an excursion from CocoCay to Stingray City you will undoubtedly see lots of friendly stingrays. It may also be possible to spot some in the sea off the beach at CocoCay. These creatures are harmless, but if you step on one it will whip up its stinging tail. You can avoid this by shuffling your feet through the sand as you walk so that they know to move out of your way.

Oasis Lagoon

Oasis Lagoon



The improvements to CocoCay during the refurbishment have made the resort much more accessible for those with limited mobility.

sand wheelchairs on CocoCayIf you’re considering visiting CocoCay with a wheelchair, you’ll find that most of the paths are paved. However, you may then need to transfer across sand to get to certain shaded areas or to the water. CocoCay has sand wheelchairs which are available to assist with this.

Oasis Lagoon, the wave pool in the Thrill Waterpark and the infinity pool at Coco Beach Club all have chair lifts.

CocoCay trams

There are three accessible trams which run all day  to take guests to where they need to go on the island. Although most passengers will walk, the trams offer a great option for those who can’t walk 10-15 minutes from the ship to the furthest part of the island, or who prefer not to.

  • Island tram – Every 15 minutes this tram circles the island, calling at the Arrivals Plaza, the Up, Up & Away Balloon, Oasis Lagoon and Chill Island. From 31st January 2020, the tram will also stop at South Beach and the Coco Beach Club.
  • Pier Tram – This runs a continuous service between the ship and the Arrivals Plaza.
  • Coco Beach Tram – A tram dedicated to guests of Coco Beach Club will also run every 10 minutes between the ship and Coco Beach Club.


CocoCay for toddlers

CocoCay is a great destination for toddlers. Parents are welcome to bring pushchairs to the island. Baby changing is available and there is plenty of shade with free beach umbrellas.

Toddlers will love Splashaway Bay and Captain Jill’s Galleon. Oasis Lagoon has gradual entry points just like a beach. Swimming nappies are allowed in all pools as well as on all beaches and in the sea.

Toddlers are permitted to ride the Up, Up & Away Balloon when accompanied by adults and there is no charge for children under four for this experience.

Cococay Wave Pool

Wave Pool


Good to know

Here are the answers to some more commonly asked questions about CocoCay…


Complimentary towels are available onboard your ship and it’s recommended to bring these to the island with you and then return them to the ship. There are also two towel exchange stations on the island where you can swap your towels for fresh ones as needed.

Guests who have rented cabanas will have towels at the cabana and they can leave them there on departure.


Lockers are available throughout the island. You can access them using your SeaPass.

CocoCay lockers

Sun loungers and umbrellas

Sun loungers and umbrellas are available free of charge across the island. Even on busy days there is no shortage of places to sit in the sun or in the shade.

Life jackets

On CocoCay, life jackets or swim vests are required for guests under a certain height when using certain slides or pools. These are available free of charge

CocoCay lifejackets


Floating beach mats

Floating mats are available to hire for around $13, or come included in the cost of certain cabanas or day beds. Alternatively, you can bring your own inflatable lilo.

Drinking age

Guests must be 21 years old or older to drink alcohol on CocoCay.

Oasis Lagoon Swim-Up Bar

Oasis Lagoon Swim-Up Bar


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is only permitted in designated smoking areas on CocoCay.


Wild animals to spot on CocoCay include iguanas, small lizards, seagulls and chickens as well as marine life like turtles, barracuda, sting rays, sharks and fish.


Guests are not allowed to use aerial drones on CocoCay or on any of Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships. You can take a drone on the ship to use ashore outside of the main port areas, but it must be stored in your stateroom at all times.


On CocoCay you’ll find a Straw Market which is a traditional Bahamian market selling straw crafts, souvenirs and gifts. The market is run by locals so your cruise card won’t be accepted here. You’ll need to bring cash in the form of US dollars or Bahamian dollars if you want to purchase anything from the Straw Market.

CocoCay straw market

What currency is used at CocoCay?

You can use your cruise card to pay for everything on the island, with the exception of souvenirs from the Straw Market. As the market is run by locals you can only pay for items in cash. US dollars and Bahamian dollars are both accepted and have the same value ($1USD = B$1)


It’s possible to get married on CocoCay whilst your cruise is docked at the island. Contact us if you’d like any more information.

CocoCay Map

You can download a pdf map of CocoCay here.

You’ll also find a paper version of the map in your stateroom the night before you arrive at CocoCay. The Royal Caribbean App is also very useful to help you find your way around the island.

CocoCay Map

CocoCay Map


What can you no longer do on CocoCay?

Since CocoCay was revamped in 2019, there’s so much more to do on the island. However, there are some things which are no longer available. These include:

  • Massage – Spa services are no longer available on the island
  • Hair braiding – It’s no longer possible to get your hair braided on CocoCay. You probably won’t have time anyway. Better to get it done somewhere like Nassau
  • Nature trail – Before the development of Cococay, this was a popular activity, but it has been discontinued
  • Fishing – There are no opportunities for fishing trips from CocoCay and bringing your own fishing gear is discouraged. There are better ports of call for fishing in the Bahamas
  • Private area for suite guests – Before the development of CocoCay, guests staying in suites on the ship had their own area. Now, no enjoy a VIP experience, you can book into the Coco Beach club, regardless of your stateroom type.
  • Lazy river – CocoCay has a water park but has never had a lazy river


How long does a Perfect Day on CocoCay last?

The exact timings of arrival and departure from CocoCay vary depending on the itinerary. Guests usually disembark the ship after breakfast and return in the late afternoon.

Late night stays at CocoCay

Royal Caribbean are offering very limited number of sailings with late night stays on CocoCay on board Navigator of the Seas. Guests can stay on the island until 10 pm and enjoy a party night with a barbecue, fireworks and lasers.

Late night stays at CocoCay

Late night stays at CocoCay


Two visits to CocoCay

Royal Caribbean offers a wide selection of 4-night cruises which have two stops at CocoCay. Sailing on board Navigator of the Seas from Miami or Mariner of the Seas from Orlando, these cruises have two days at CocoCay and a sea day. Enjoy twice the thrills, double chills or a day of each. Whatever you choose, you probably still won’t quite find time to do all that there is to offer!


CocoCay secrets

Psst! Here are a few secrets to make your time on CocoCay even more enjoyable. Don’t tell anyone.

  1. Secret chicken sandwich – You won’t find this item on any menu but cruisers are raving about it! Head to the Snack Shack and ask for parmesan chicken on a bun. Then, add a side of mozzarella cheese sticks and marinara sauce on top, along with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo from the salad bar.
  2. Secret ice cream sandwich – Grab two chocolate chip cookies and head to the self-serve ice-cream machine to create your own ice-cream sandwich.
  3. Avoid the queues – The best times to visit the waterpark for the shortest queue times are before 11am and after 3pm. Head to Daredevil’s Peak first, then ride it again right before you head back to the ship.
  4. Save on activities – It’s advisable to pre-book all your CocoCay activities before your cruise. The prices can go up and down, but it’s always cheaper to book online via Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner rather than on-board the ship.
  5. Save your energy – Keep an eye out for the complimentary solar-powered trams to save your steps.
  6. Don’t miss the underwater music – Float on your back with your ears underwater in the Oasis Lagoon to listen to the underwater music


Book your cruise to CocoCay

Would you like to cruise to CocoCay? Here at Cruise118 we can book any CocoCay cruise for you. What’s more, our relationship woth Royal Caribbean means that we have access to all the best deals and discounts. With our best price guarantee, you can be sure that you’re getting a great deal as well as award-winning customer service.

If you’d like a quote on a tailor-made cruise holiday to CocoCay, call our team of expert cruise concierge now and we’ll be happy to help.

Have a question about CocoCay?

Ask your question in the comments below and we’ll do our very best to find the answer for you.

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