Bad habits to break on a cruise

bad habits

If you are at least a semi-regular cruiser who talks to other cruisers, whether on-board your ship or perhaps on our own Cruise118 forum, you’ve probably heard a few stories of weight gain, with passengers reporting that they brought an additional weight of anything between four pounds and a stone back with them – and that’s not in their luggage. Granted, overeating can be classed as a bad habit but let’s turn this on its head for a minute. There a plenty of ways in which a cruise can help you give up a bad habit, too.

Lack of exercise

We’ve all made those New Year’s fitness resolutions in the past, then became too busy or preoccupied and denied all knowledge of ever making them.  However, once you’ve booked your cruise, there’s no excuse. Most cruise ships offer fully-equipped gyms which are completely free of charge for passengers to use and who knows, once you get back home, you may feel inspired to keep up your gym visits. If the gym’s not for you, then active shore excursions are a great way to exercise, as you’ll spend quite a lot of time on your feet during the day.


A common bad habit. Some snack out of boredom, some because they love food. But think about it, with so much food on offer on the ship’s buffet at mealtimes, there’s no need to snack. And, with so many fascinating excursions to join and facilities on the ship to enjoy on sea days, you’ll never feel so bored as to resort to snacking. You’ll be more encouraged to stick to a set pattern of dining and there’s no reason why you can’t continue this when you get back home.

Too much telly

OK, so you’re stateroom or suite will likely come with a flat screen TV but with so many great facilities on-board and so much by the way of live entertainment, do you really want to be spending most of your evenings in front of the box? When you get back home, you may well find yourself missing that night out at the cinema, evening stroll or restaurant visit and feel more encouraged to spend an evening or two doing something different.


If you set yourself a daily budget, you’ll be able to see more clearly where your spending money is going each day. Also, if you take advantage of one of our on-board spend deals, which are included with many of our cruises, you’ll have plenty of free money to spend on-board, too. A daily budget mentality is useful and you could quite easily transfer this way of thinking over to the running of your day-to-day finances.

Missing the most important meal of the day

You know how it is. Sometimes it’s that tempting extra few minutes in bed or rushing around getting the kids ready for school and before you know it, you’ve not left yourself enough time for breakfast. On a cruise ship, there’s no daily commute to worry about and with breakfast menus this appealing, you’ll want to be up and about and setting yourself up for your next exciting day.


Possibly the most notorious bad habit. If you’re determined to give up smoking, going on a cruise could help. Though all ships have at least one designated smoking area, you’ll have much more fun and much more time to enjoy all the facilities if you don’t have to worry about escaping for a quick drag or two. Suddenly, exploring an area of the ship you’ve not seen yet or having an extra cocktail in one of the many secluded bars can seem much more appealing. Who knows, your cruise may be the trigger which helps you give up for good.

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Jenni Fielding
Jenni has been working in the travel industry for over 10 years. She fell in love with cruising on her first-ever cruise, a Caribbean cruise on Allure of the Seas, during her honeymoon in 2013. Nowadays, Jenni enjoys cruising with her husband and two young children. Her favourite ships are family-friendly megaships which are packed with exciting facilities. She loves sea days and had been known to skip port visits to spend more time on the ship!

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