Is Carnival breaking new ground for value?

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Carnival Cruises has launched a new money-back guarantee that is very interesting and potentially a game-changer. However before I get into it in detail on this blog I have to stress that this is currently for US and Canada passengers only. So, UK and Europe readers, or anyone else from further afield who has found this blog, don’t assume this will apply to you.

Despite that it’s still something I wanted to bring to you because it could be the forerunner for similar schemes across more of the world and, potentially, with other cruise lines. The new promotion is called the Great Vacation Guarantee, and it seems to go above and beyond any other money-back scheme that I’ve ever seen before.

What it means is that, if a guest isn’t satisfied with their cruise, they can end it early and they’ll receive a 100% refund of their cruise fare, plus an additional 10%. Not only that but guests will receive a $100 on-board credit for a future cruise, and complimentary air and ground transportation from the next port of call to get them home, with an overnight hotel stay included if needed. Not only that, but Carnival will take care of it all, so guests don’t need to make frantic phone calls to get things booked.

The caveats? Well as I say it only applies to US and Canada passengers, and it’s only valid on voyages between three and eight days to destinations in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Canada and New England. Also guests need to alert the on-board Guest Services deck within 24 hours of the start of the cruise to qualify.

Gerry Cahill, the CEO and president of Carnival Cruise Lines, said “The ‘Great Vacation Guarantee’ is designed to provide an assurance to those consumers who may be considering a cruise that we stand behind our product and, if they are dissatisfied for any reason, they have a simple and hassle-free means for receiving a full refund and more.”

So there you have it. Is this open to exploitation? If this was brought in worldwide, would this make you more likely to book a cruise or would it not have any effect on your feelings towards Carnival at the minute – whether you’re a fan or not? My own view is that Carnival already offered great value and fun cruising with plenty to see and do, but let me know your thoughts.

By Ian Lewis

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Jenni Fielding
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