Cruise and zoos – getting back to nature while at sea

Cruises to zoos

Certainly, there are some voyages which give you the chance to witness all manner of species in their natural environment, such as Antarctic and Amazon cruises but for wildlife lovers who are visiting some of the world’s top cities and tourist destinations, there’s plenty of opportunity to get your fix of fauna in a number of respected and conservation-conscious zoos throughout the world.

San Diego Zoo
A number of South American cruises begin or end in this legendary west coast city, so if you’re on a cruise and stay, you’ll have ample opportunity to visit one of the world’s biggest zoos and regarded by many as America’s finest. The animal habitats are divided into 10 different bioclimatic zones, ensuring that each species of animal is dwelling in conditions which are as realistic as possible and it’s a great place to see some of the world’s rarest species, such as giant pandas and koalas. To give you an idea of the zoo’s size, there’s a guided tour available and two-day passes are a common purchase.

Bronx Zoo, New York
Over on the opposite side of the USA, New York’s Bronx Zoo is one of the best-known on the East Coast and the perfect place to experience some wildlife if you’re on a transatlantic cruise. Covering 250 acres of land, the zoo is home to a staggering 4,000 animals and among the attractions are the 6 and a half acre Gorilla Forest and Tiger Mountain.

Tarongo Zoo, Mosman, Australia
Though it’s located in a suburb of Sydney, so popular is this zoo that a ferry runs directly to it from Sydney’s cruise port terminal, making it a great choice if you’re visiting the city on an Australia cruise.  It’s in an excellent location and a leisurely walk around it rewards visitors with not just a chance to meet many of Australia’s most famous denizens but with some of the finest views of Sydney’s iconic harbour and Opera House.

Barcelona Zoo
One of the most popular cities you can visit on a Mediterranean cruise, Barcelona is home to wealth of attractions and its superb zoo is certainly one of them and located conveniently in the centre of the city. Home to around 300 different species, the zoo’s actively engaged in conservation walk and laid out in such a way that it makes for a pleasurable walk, whether you’re making a flying visit or staying the whole day.

Singapore Zoo
Surely one of the world’s most innovative zoos, Singapore Zoo is one of the best places to go if you’re on a Far East cruise and feel the need to be at one with nature. The landscaping design is amazing and the whole place is laid out in a rainforest environment, where over 2,800 animals dwell. The first free-ranging orang-utan habitat in the world is here, along with the chance to indulge in a Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife, where you can eat with the animals close by.

By Simon Brotherton

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