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Jewellery shopping

Whether you are looking to buy for yourself or your partner, jewellery shopping can be an exciting experience, especially when you are in an exotic land offering pieces which display remarkable colours, gemstones and designs. We have taken a look at some of the best destinations around the world for jewellery shopping, so you know where to go to pick up authentic trinkets made of gold, silver and precious stones.

New York, USA

New York’s famous Diamond District, sometimes known as Diamond and Jewellery Way, is located on 47th street between 5th and 6th Avenues and offers the perfect place to browse and pick out splendid pieces of jewellery. Over 90% of the diamonds that arrive in the USA come through New York’s Diamond District, which is why the city is recognised as the jewellery capital of America. Thousands of jewellery merchants and diamond exchanges can be found along this world-famous street, leaving gem-lovers visitors spoilt for choice. Also, don’t forget to go jewellery shopping New York’s most iconic diamond retailer – Tiffany’s & Co – a must-see and must-shop jewellery outlet.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Around 65% of the world’s coloured gemstones originate from Brazil, which is why the jewellery Jewellery shoppingmerchants of Rio de Janeiro have a veritable treasure trove of precious resources to work with when producing new jewellery. In 1945, Hans Stern took full advantage of Brazil’s natural resources by setting up H. Stern Jewellers, which went on to become one of the world’s top five jewellery companies. The headquarters of H. Stern are based in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s bustling capital, and the company has also created an adjoining gemological museum, filled with a plethora of locally mined gemstones, from beautiful aquamarines and citrines to stunning imperial topazes.

Goa, India

The Indian subcontinent has a long affiliation with beautiful and extravagant jewellery, stretching back thousands of years – the long history of jewellery manufacture in the world. India’s rich natural resources have helped it profit from the production of jewellery over the centuries and the nation is often associated with gleaming golden adornments and over-the-top ornamentation. According to Hindu beliefs, gold and silver are seen as sacred metals. Gold is considered symbolic of the sun and silver is said to represent the moon. For this reason, the people of India take their jewellery seriously, which makes the country’s built-up areas and cities, such as Goa, the perfect place to go jewellery shopping and find stunning examples of authentic local trinkets

Agadir, Morocco

Morocco has a historic tradition of jewellery manufacture and a selection of unique and authentic Jewellery shoppinglocal items found across the country in ports and cities such as Agadir and Tangier. Two main types of jewellery can be found in Morocco, originating from two families – Berber jewellery and urban jewellery – often created using a mix of gold, silver and bronze and adorned with gemstones including emeralds and diamonds to produce marvellous pieces. Arguably the best place for authentic Moroccan jewellery shopping is at the vibrant markets and souks located in towns and cities across the country, where tourists can often haggle for a bargain and drive the prices down.

Rome, Italy

Italy boasts a profusion of world-famous jewellery retailers, such as Bulgari and Damiani, who sell expensive and dazzling pieces throughout the world. Although you could probably head down your local high-street and find an abundance of wonderful Italian jewellery shopping opportunities, there really is no better way to buy than in a real Italian city, like Rome or Florence, from an authentic Italian retailer. Jewellery shopping is incredibly popular in Italy and tourists will find an incredible array of glittering options on the shop-lined streets of the nation’s major cities.


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