North America Cruises – From Mountains to Metropolises

North America Cruises

The diverse landscape and culture of North America has served as inspiration for travellers from across the world, from the bright lights of New York City to the tranquil yet dramatic snow-topped mountains of Canada. This vast continent incorporates a plethora of astonishing natural and man-made landmarks, to create a setting unlike anywhere else on the planet. North America cruises are an exceptional way to see many of the most electrifying and intriguing destinations across the USA and Canada, within one fantastic all-inclusive getaway. North America Cruises offer something new and exciting to guests in every port, providing a holiday that will live long in the memory.

New York

What better way to start North America cruises along the Atlantic Coast than with a stay in the Big Apple, one of the USA’s most iconic cities. New York is known as the city that never sleeps, which is a fair testament to the bustling metropolis’ lively streets and exhilarating atmosphere. This astounding urban jungle offers visitors the chance to experience some of America’s most famous landmarks and districts, many of which have found fame through popular culture and an illustrious history. Head down to Manhattan to visit the Empire State Building, take a walk through Central Park or experience an array of fabulous museums, galleries and entertainment. You can be a part of it with North America Cruises.

Los Angeles

On the other side of the USA, situated on the nation’s Pacific Coastline is the renowned city of LosNorth America Cruises Angeles, where Hollywood dreams are made and broken and anyone can live the celebrity lifestyle. Many North America cruises along the Pacific Coast will dock in the port of Los Angeles, allowing guests the opportunity to call at a selection of the region’s main tourist attractions and landmarks, from the legendary Hollywood district to the world-famous Venice Beach. Experience the backdrop for the American dream with North America cruises to Los Angeles, where you can rub shoulders with the A-listers and feel like a movie star every day.


Moving on to the picturesque state of Alaska, the diversity of North America cruises becomes very apparent. Whether you call at the state’s capital city of Juneau or other stunning ports such as Ketchikan, Kodiak and Anchorage, you will be greeted by a vast and beautiful landscape, filled with verdant woodland and fascinating wildlife. Large parts of this gigantic and isolated corner of the continent remain untouched by man, making it one of the best places to appreciate North America’s breath-taking natural beauty.


As you head north into Canada on North America cruises, you may call at ports in the Canadian North America Cruisesprovince of Quebec. This state combines an exciting city vibe, where travellers will find an active nightlife and a collection of thrilling casinos, with peaceful and remote areas of ecological and environmental importance. Outside of the busy Quebec City, visitors will find 22 different provincial and national parks, ranging from small tracts of easily reachable land to gargantuan areas of secluded wilderness, cut-off from the modern world. Exploring the different faces of Canada is easy and exciting on North America cruises to the wonderful state of Quebec.

Nova Scotia

North America cruises to the Canadian province of Nova Scotia could not seem further away from the hustle and bustle of the New York City or Los Angeles. This peaceful and isolated peninsula boasts some of the continent’s most spectacular views across a complex and verdant landscape, where dramatic cliffs and mountains rise up from the lush and fertile earth. Nova Scotia is almost entirely surrounding by ocean, which has greatly influenced the regions culture and generated a range of sea-faring customs. Available on many North America cruises, a stay in Nova Scotia is guaranteed to capture the imagination of intrepid travellers.

Discover the many wonders of a captivating continent with North America cruises, sailing to a series of enthralling destinations, each offering a unique and vibrant experience. With North America cruises, you can explore remote and majestic landscapes one day before arriving in a dazzling metropolis the next.

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