The Norwegian Getaway’s Super Bowl makeover

Super Bowl Cruises

2014 is a major year for sports, as has already been established in this blog. But for cruise fans who love their sports, it’s just got a little bit bigger and a little bit better as the world of cruising joins one of the world’s biggest sporting events. And it just happens to involve the newest cruise ship going too.

That’s because the Norwegian Getaway has been commandeered to play the role of the ‘Bud Light Hotel’ for the Super Bowl (or the ‘Superb Owl’ if, like me, you think you’re funny when really you’re not). The ship only launches in January, and it’ll be the end of that very month that it docks on the Hudson River in New York to act as a party hotel for this major event.

The concept of the Bud Light Hotel began four years ago, to create a venue where Super Bowl fans can really let loose and get into the spirit of the event. This will be by far the biggest Bud Light Hotel since the idea was introduced, and it’ll be very welcome, adding around 4,000 new hotel spaces for the Super Bowl, which are precious in such a popular area as New York City.

The vice-president of Bud Light, Rob McCarthy, said “Bringing the Super Bowl to New York City is a special experience for NFL fans, and we wanted Bud Light Hotel to bring something unique to the table that’s never been seen before. Creating this massive footprint at the Intrepid, one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, immediately establishes the Bud Light Hotel as a premier destination during Super Bowl weekend.”

The Super Bowl, and indeed American Football, is becoming more and more popular in the UK. My own personal twitter feed is full of people talking about games on a Sunday, and most of the people I follow are British. So if you’re one of the passionate, and you want to experience the wonderful atmosphere of the Super Bowl along with the newest cruise ship in the world, you might want to consider this event.

By Ian Lewis

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