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Rome is a city that is absolutely packed with places to visit, with so many that you may lose track during a visit and end up missing some of the most desirable as you run out of time. So here’s a list of my own personal top five attractions that you just have to see:

#1 – Vatican City

The world’s smallest state and the only current Papal state that exists, the Vatican City is the home of the Pop. It’s all within the city of Rome, and a fascinating sight to explore. There’s a load to see even here but the major attractions are St Peter’s Basilica, the huge domed church that was beautifully designed by Michelangelo, and the Vatican Museum which is a free attraction full of fascinating art and home to the truly awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel.

#2 Colosseum

Sometimes called the Coliseum, this was the largest of all the Roman Amphitheatres and was home to a variety of performances, ranging from gladiator battles to executions, battle re-enactments and more. The Colosseum could seat somewhere between 50,000 and 80,000 people meaning it’s comparable to a modern sport stadium, and the ruins now stand as a fascinating insight into the lives of Romans at the time.

#3 Pantheon

Probably one of the best-preserved Roman buildings still standing, the Pantheon was a temple for the Gods which was built originally in 31BC, before being rebuilt in its current form in the early 2nd century. It’s now both a church and a royal tomb, and one of the most recognisable buildings in Rome with its iconic domed ceiling.

#4 Trevi Fountain

Possibly the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi Fountain was built over the course of 30 years, finishing in 1762. It’s a breath-taking monument and one that’s always popular with visitors, with thousands of Euros thrown into the fountain each day. It’s said that if you throw a coin into the fountain you’re sure to return to Rome.

#5 Roman Forum

The Forum is a plaza where you’ll find ruins of various government buildings, dating as far back as the 8th century BC. It’s great to simply walk around the ruins but there’s also a Forum Museum you can visit, which has various architectural items and reconstructions of what the Forum looked like.

By Ian Lewis

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