Top 5 Interior Cruise Ship Features

Cruise ship features

Modern cruise ships are well-known for their impressive range of facilities, and in recent years, cruise lines have incorporated more and more innovative and truly original cruise ship features into their vessels. This blog will take a look at some of the very best cruise ship innovations out there, so read on to learn more about some of our favourite interior features within some of the finest cruise ships in the industry.

Norwegian Getaway – The Chandelier

Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest ship – the Norwegian Getaway – boasts what is possibly the most impressive chandelier at sea. The colossal display hangs dramatically from the high ceiling of the three-storey atrium, stretching and swirling down for many metres passed the restaurant and bars that fill this elegant space, resting just above the heads of passengers on the ground floor. The scale of the incredible chandelier is truly mind-blowing and makes for a remarkable and unforgettable sight.

Royal Princess – The Atrium

Royal Princess

As the centrepiece of any vessel, it is not unusual for a ship’s atrium to be spectacular and memorable. Princess Cruises, however, went above and beyond when it came to designing the atrium on-board the Royal Princess. At double the size of any other atrium in the fleet, this marvellous and expansive space is home to a plethora of fantastic venues and eateries across three floors at which guests can spend an evening, including an attractive Italian Gelato and the chic Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar.

P&O Britannia – The Studio


Aboard P&O’s most recently-launched ship – the Britannia (which set sail earlier this year) – is a truly unique and innovative venue, unlike anything else at sea. The Studio is a multi-use and state-of-the-art venue with a number of exciting and wonderful purposes, each one designed solely for the entertainment of the ship’s guests. The Studio can be used as a venue for informative lectures from guest speakers, cookery demonstrations, films, Broadway-style performances, live game shows, music recitals and much, much more. It has truly raised the bar in the cruise entertainment industry.

Anthem of the Seas – The SeaPlex

Anthem of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s incredible SeaPlex – found aboard the recently-launched Anthem of the Seas – is the biggest indoor sports and entertainment complex at sea. The SeaPlex offers a fun-filled experience for travellers of all ages, from young children to older guests, with its range of fabulous attractions, all found together in one place. As well as the wide range of sporting activities available to guests in this astonishing and colossal venue, the Anthem of the Sea’s amazing SeaPlex is also home to a number of ‘first-evers’ at sea, including a circus school, roller-skating arena and bumper cars, alongside the terrific SeaPlex Dog House, which offers tasty snacks and drinks.

Queen Mary 2 – The Planetarium

Queen Mary 2

Cunard Cruises’ Queen Mary 2 is often associated with classic cruising and the old traditions of the industry. In a modern twist, however, this famous vessel now boasts the world’s first planetarium at sea. This dramatic venue contains a huge domed screen on its ceiling, which occupies every inch of your vision upon arrival at the attraction. Once seated in this wonderful space-age setting, guests are treated to a magnificent and educational show, detailing the universe around us. Despite its size, the planetarium has limited seating, so get their early to guarantee yourself a place in the audience, as it is definitely well worth it!

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