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Do you remember that scene in Thunderball where Connery’s Bond escapes via a jet pack? Do you remember how unbelievably cool that whole sequence was? Don’t worry, I’m not about to go full Partridge describing it for you, but it showed how cool technology would be and when you saw that sequence you knew, you just knew, that in five years’ time we’d all be flying around on jet-packs,

But here we are, still waiting…

However all is not lost. Have you heard of the Jetlev? If you haven’t then you are about to get just as excited as I was when I first saw Bond soaring away from the hail of bullets in that classic film.

If you’re heading to Florida on a cruise anytime soon there’s a chance you’ll be able to have a try on a Jetlev at one of the beaches. The Jetlev is essentially a water jet-pack, which sends you into the air by blasting water, letting you do all manner of awesome stunts.

The Jetlev works by sending pressurised water through two nozzles. It has a top speed of around 25mph and anyone using it can fly up to 30 feet in the air, limited by the supply hose that’s needed to provide the water to the nozzles. This is a good thing since it does stop you from reaching unsafe heights.

Once you get used to the controls, excursions let you have around 30 minutes of air-time, which may not sound like a huge amount but it’s ample when you’re swooping and soaring, or even running across the ocean or powering through just below the surface. And if you love it and can’t face having to end your turn, go play Euromillions – they’re only around £100,000 to buy.

Here’s a video to help you understand how amazing the Jetlev truly is. However in my opinion the music’s not really up to much, so here’s what I recommend: start the first video, pause it, and mute it. Then start the second video, and unpause the first one. So you’re watching the first video, with the audio from the second video. Trust me, it’s a much better experience.

By the way, you can thank my colleague Simon for the title for this post.

By Ian Lewis

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