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Even though you love a cruise, you’ve probably enjoyed your fair share of land-based holidays and hotels and will have heard this question countless times over the years and chances are, there was nothing too unusual to report. But what if your hotel was the real talking point of the holiday? I thought I’d take a look at some of the strangest hotels you can stop at when you book a cruise and stay.

The Marma Antayla, Antayla, Turkey
If you’re heading to Turkey’s biggest sea resort on your Mediterranean cruise, then that’s where you’ll find the world’s first revolving hotel. Can’t decide whether you want a room overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the city or Taurus Mountains? With this hotel, it doesn’t matter, as this constantly rotating building offers 24 rooms, each with a constantly changing view.

The Godiva Chocolate Suite, New York, USA
One of the main attractions of a transatlantic voyage is the chance to explore the Big Apple. But what if that Big Apple was chocolate-coated? The Goiva Chocolate Suite was a feature at the Bryant Park Hotel for two consecutive years and featured, yes you’ve guessed it, a hotel suite with bed, armchairs, lamps and walls made entirely of chocolate. Surely this suite’s the perfect choice for those with a penchant for a midnight snack.

Jules Underwater Lodge, Key Largo
If you’re flying out to Florida to begin your Caribbean cruise, then why not hop over to Key Largo to experience the world’s first underwater hotel? It’s a fully immersive experience and you’ll have to dive 21 feet to get in through the floor of the apartment. This former research lab is the perfect spot for cruisers who love marine life – but you’ll need a scuba course if you’re not certified if you want to check in!

Ikea Sovhotell, Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden’s capital is a mainstay on any Baltics cruise and of course, the country is also home to one of our most well-known furniture outlets. Taking the notion of retail therapy to a whole new level, the Ikea Hotel allows eager consumers the option of shopping until they drop – right into one of the store’s own beds. The company offers pillows, sleep masks and a choice of single or double beds to weary shoppers.

The Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht, Jeongdongjin, South Korea
You’re probably sick of the term ‘floating hotel’ used to describe cruise ships, but this is one accommodation which flips the notion on its head. Looking like a beached cruise ship which has been washed ashore on the high tide, it’s thought to be the world’s first cruise ship-themed hotel and is perched on a cliff-top on the country’s east coast. Weighing in at around 300,000 tons it features 211 rooms, a revolving sky lounge, nightclub and swimming pool.

By Simon Brotherton

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