First introduced in 2015, MSC Voyagers Club has changed the way cruise lines work alongside loyalty programmes for the better. Let us offer an insight into how this programme works and the ways in which you can reap the benefits on offer with this great cruise line!

What is MSC Voyagers Club?

MSC Voyagers Club is a loyalty club which offers exclusive privileges to customers of MSC Cruises. That’s to say, anyone who has sailed with MSC Cruises, not just booked with them. That means that even if you have booked via a travel agent, you are still able to join the programme.

The programme was set up as a way of giving back and saying thank you to loyal guests who return cruise after cruise. Once registered, members earn points for their sailings which grows their level of membership and status. The more points you have, the more benefits you get!

The membership is completely free to join and is open to everyone who has cruised at least once since 2006 with MSC Cruises, or has booked and confirmed a cruise MSC.

Butler service on-board MSC Cruises - Afternoon tea

How do I become a member?  

There are a few ways to become a member, you can register:

  • Before embarkation: Complete the ‘Become a Member’ form and you will receive an email after the booking is made or by clicking the link on the e-ticket you will receive up to 10 days before departure.
  • Online check-in: You can also register via online check-in. Members will receive their club identification number after subscription via email with an electronic card. Guests who have a confirmed MSC Cruises booking can register up to 72 hours before sailing.
  • On-board: Guests can also become a member on-board their MSC Cruises ship. Either contact Guest Services or visit an MSC Voyagers Club Infopoint. Guests who subscribe on-board will receive an email confirmation of their enrolment at the end of their cruise. This will include their membership number and points.
  • Post-cruise: If you have already sailed with MSC Cruises and wish to become a member, you can register at the Become a Member section of the MSC Cruises’ website. Once you have submitted your form, you will receive an email with the electronic version of your card and your membership number.

What is my MSC Voyagers Club number? 

This is your own personal club identification number. It allows MSC Cruises to keep your account updated and add relevant points to your account. Your number will always remain the same, regardless of your level of membership.

Top tip: Always ensure you include your club identification number at the time of booking and on-board to ensure you get the maximum benefits from MSC Voyagers Club!

How do I check my points?

You can check your points by registering or logging into the online platform through MSC Cruises website: check my MSC Voyagers Club points

MSC Yacht Club

How do I collect more points?

Collecting points is as easy as cruising. No, really – it’s that simple! There are a few ways you can earn points, but the main one is just by cruising with MSC Cruises. Depending on the length of your sailing, what experience you book and your stateroom, each of these contribute to the number of points you earn for each sailing. There are three ways you can earn points with the MSC Voyagers Club:

  • Based on the Experience you purchase (Bella, Fantastica or Aurea) or the MSC Yacht Club

See the table below for how points are earned depending on the Experience level and duration of your cruise:

MSC Voyagers Club Points based on Experience Level

Experience 1-4 nights 5-9 nights 10+ nights
Bella 200 points 500 points 700 points
Fantastica 400 points 700 points 1,000 points
Aurea 600 points 1,000 points 1,500 points
MSC Yacht Club 800 points 1,500 points 2,000 points

Other ways in which you can earn MSC Voyagers Club points include:

  • On-board services you have pre-purchased before cruising
  • On-board expenses

MSC Voyagers Club Level of Membership

There are five levels of MSC Voyagers Club membership:

  • Welcome Membership – At least 1 confirmed booking
  • Classic Membership – 1 to 2,199 points
  • Silver Membership – 2,200 to 4,299 points
  • Gold Membership – 4,300 to 9,999 points
  • Black Membership – 10,000+ points

MSC Voyagers Club Benefits


Privileges Welcome Classic Silver Gold Black
Year-round cruise discount N/A 5% 5% 5% 5%
Exclusive members’ discounts on a selection of departures N/A 5% + up to 15% 5% + up to 15% + €/$50 on-board credit 5% + up to 15% + €/$50 on-board credit 5% + up to 15% + €/$50 on-board credit


Privileges Welcome Classic Silver Gold Black
Pre-board MSC Voyagers Club e-newsletter
MSC Voyagers Club card  
MSC Voyagers Club luggage tags  
Priority boarding        

On-board Privileges

Privileges Welcome Classic Silver Gold Black
MSC Voyagers Club infopoint
Welcome back cocktail  
On-board dedicated number  
On-board special offers  
Milestone reward    
A complimentary basket of fresh fruit    
Complimentary 1-hour Thermal Areas session (once per cruise)      
Complimentary gift      
Priority disembarkation in ports where a tender board is required      
Complimentary MSC Voyagers Club photo      
Complimentary birthday cake      
Complimentary speciality restaurant dinner (beverages not included)        
Complimentary spumante with chocolate-dipped fruit in cabin        
Priority disembarkation at end of the cruise        
Courtesy towelling bathrobe and slippers        
Complimentary dancing class        
MSC Voyagers Club Black Party        
MSC Voyagers Club chocolate ship        
Late cabin check-out disembarkation        
MSC Voyagers Club online private area
MSC Ambassador (online poll)  

MSC Voyagers Club Benefits Additional Information

Milestone reward

Silver, Gold and Black members receive a membership pin upon reaching the level of membership for the first time. These will be delivered on-board and are allocated once per membership level upgrade for all members aged over 10 at the time of the cruise. You will need to visit the MSC Voyagers Club infopoint to collect your pin.

Complimentary Thermal Area session

Gold and Black members receive a free one-hour Thermal Area session once per cruise for a steam bath or sauna. This is not available to MSC Voyagers Club members under 18.

MSC Seaview - MSC Cruises ship

Complimentary gift

Gold and Black members will receive a complimentary gift, delivered by Cruise Consultant during the cruise. This is not available to MSC Voyagers Club members under 10 at the time of the cruise.

Complimentary Speciality Restaurant Dinner

Black membership holders are entitled to enjoy a tasting menu dinner for two at a speciality restaurant once during the cruise (not including beverages). Members may extend their invitation to one occupant of the same cabin only once and only if the cabin mate is not a black card member. Subject to availability. This is not available at self-serve buffets and members under 18 must be accompanied in order to enjoy the privilege.

Black Party

Black membership holders will receive an invitation on-board to join an exclusive party where they can meet other Black MSC Voyagers Club members. This is not available on cruises with less than four nights and members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult sharing the same cabin. 

Chocolate ship

Black membership holders will receive a complimentary chocolate ship gift, hand-crafted on-board and delivered during the cruise. Not available on cruises less than four nights.

Late cabin check-out disembarkation

Black membership holders can stay in the cabin until two hours after the ship arrives in port. Members should check transfer time to make sure they can enjoy the privilege.

MSC Status Match

MSC Voyagers Club also offers a status match with the programme, allowing existing and new cruisers to MSC Cruises to enjoy the same incentives they would typically enjoy with their pre-existing memberships with other cruise lines, hotel groups, airlines and tour operators.

What is the MSC Status Match programme?

Upon joining the Voyager’s Club, cruises can enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges simply by mentioning any existing loyalty benefits. This includes those with the airline, tour operators, hotel groups and even other cruise lines!

This allows MSC Cruises to match passenger status from other cruise lines, as well as other hospitality industries for the ultimate holiday benefits.

Group dining on MSC Cruises

How does it work?

You can sign up for MSC Status Match on the MSC Cruises website here: sign up.

Matching is carried out by comparing as reasonably possible the level of benefits guaranteed from the external travel programme benefit card with those offered by the MSC Voyagers Club cards.

Anyone over the age of 18 years of age can register, and applicants must allow up to 4-7 business days for their Status Match to complete.

The MSC Voyager’s Club allows passengers to receive the same level of benefits from their existing scheme, depending on their tier level – Welcome, Classic, Silver, Gold or Black.

Memberships include discounts on cruise fares, as well as on-board privileges and access to a range of sailings with up to 15% additional discount.

Giles Hawke, MSC Cruises’ Executive Director for UK and Ireland at the time of the launch, said the line is simply looking for people who are travellers.

“It is a way of encouraging those who have not tried MSC Cruises to join while retaining all the perks and privileges they are used to. Say you’re a top member with Hilton. You come to us with proof and we make you a top-tier member with our loyalty scheme despite the fact you’ve never cruise with us before. You book, get the relevant discount and benefits and still remain a top tier Hilton member.”

MSC Voyagers Club T&Cs

You can find the full terms and conditions for both the MSC Voyagers Club and Status Match Programme below.

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Emma has more than seven years' experience as a writer and has been in the travel industry for nearly five years. She loves learning about new places and cruise ships coming to market, as well as discovering fun and exciting activities to do while you sail. She has cruised with Princess Cruises, Cunard, Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Voyages, Avalon Waterways and Royal Caribbean and is looking to get something in her diary for 2024! Her favourite things to see on a ship include excellent entertainment, a delicious cocktail menu and extraordinary dining venues.

20 Responses to “Complete Guide to MSC Voyagers Club”

  1. William Shea

    My Voyager Club membership number says it has expired when I enter it when making a reservation. I have not sailed since pre pandemic. At that time I was a Gold member. Can you update my membership number so I can book a cruise in the yacht club. My birth date is 02/10/1953.

  2. Terry Black


    I want to send a gift to a friend on MSC Divina, Sept. 19. I have tried different sites and they all refer me to sign in at MSC My cruise info takes me to my cruise in Dec. There are currently very few options listed. Example, there are no restaurants or excursions to choose from available yet.


  3. Raquel

    We have tried and tried to do a status match with MSC with no luck. We call the number they tell us to email mscvoyagerclub, we emailed msc club no one gets back to us. We tried to signed up for status match and it is not letting us because we are from the U.S.A. what are we supposed to do? We have an msc yatch club cabin booked for February 2022 and all we want is get status match from norwegian cruiseline to Msc. We are Platinum members with Norwegian. Can anyone help? Thanks

    • Nita

      You just have to keep submitting it after you have paid in full…It took 3 tries and two emails for me.

    • Don Hern

      we had the same problem also platinum ,we heard from other people they had the same problem with the match from ncl. if you are booked on msc yacht club you get all the benefits you would with a status match. good luck we just received our status match after about 6 e mails. the give us gold and you have better benefits on ncl as platinum members .hope that helps. don

    • Bob

      I love in America and it worked for us. Submitted on a Saturday and it was completed by Tuesday. Sometimes the status match department has technical issues though. But generally they get the status match completed within 48 hours or sooner depending on if it’s the weekend or not. I was matched from Hilton Gold to Voyagers Club Gold. I haven’t been able to learn if they’ll match you all the way up to diamond if I had say Hilton Diamond status. I know they used to do this depending on the program being matched. But one person at MSC told me they no longer match anyone to diamond and that one must earn that status within the program. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s incorrect though. But since I lost my Hilton Diamond status during COVID, I wouldn’t be able to say.

    • Dennis

      I had no problem. Did everything online. Went to NCLs site and took a screen shot of my status page and submitted it. The next day I got confirmation. I was Platinum on Norwegian which gave me Gold on MSC.

  4. Mike

    Loved it, worked well and our cruise concierge enrolled us and we now have all the benefits. Thank you for this.



  6. A, Garcua

    I am Platinum Elite and MSC in Ccandinavia is matching that to Silver? Quite pointless since Platinum Elite is the second highest tier. Waste of my time and theirs.

  7. Graham

    I am a elite member of Princess and have done 1 MSC cruise, do I still qualify for status match even though I have already done 1 MSC cruise?

    • Emma Smith

      Hi Graham, the MSC Status Match is available for new and existing cruisers with MSC. If you mention your membership with Princess when you next book an MSC cruise, you will be able to see if this qualifies for the MSC Status Match. Thanks, Emma.

  8. Barbara Davies

    I am a Diamond Crown & Anchor member with Royal Carribean International, what is the equivalent with MSC Voyagers Club membership? I’m thinking of booking a cruise with MSC for next year.

    • Jenni Fielding

      Hi Barbara. Thanks for your question. One of our cruise concierge team will certainly know the answer to this. If you’d like to give us a call on 0808 1234 118, one of the team can help, as well as finding you the best deal on your cruise for next year. Thanks. Jenni

  9. William Alexander Kirkbride

    What tier level would we be awarded if we were to book a cruise with MSC, considering both my wife and I are diamond members with Royal Caribbean

    • Jenni Fielding

      Hi William. Thanks for your question. One of our cruise concierge team will certainly know the answer to this. If you’d like to give us a call on 0808 1234 118, one of the team can help. Thanks. Jenni

  10. Linda Ballard


    We have booked a cruise later in the year and are interested in joining this scheme.

    Beset wishes,

    Linda Ballard

    • Emma Smith

      Hi Linda, if you have booked with ourselves you can call our Cruise Concierge team on 0808 1234 118 and they will be happy to enrol you in the scheme. If you have booked elsewhere, I’d suggest contacting MSC Cruises and they should be able to help you. Thanks, Emma.


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