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MSC Cruises feature glitzy ships designed for a superior holiday experience. Enjoy tempting cuisine, impressive Broadway-style performances, fun nightlife and a great range of amenities for the whole family to enjoy.

MSC Cruises’ fleet of magnificent cruise ships all provide a luxurious holiday experience, whether embarking on a speciality cruise around the Mediterranean or a marvellous voyage to one of many other worldwide destinations. Each ship is beautifully designed and equipped with eco-friendly technology, along with the excellent features to provide the best cruise possible.

On-board you will find high quality restaurants, a choice of cabins and suites including those with balconies and ample entertainment options, from family-friendly clubs to nightclubs and theatres, along with a range of excellent sporting facilities. What’s more – your gratuities are included with MSC Cruises, meaning that’s one less thing to worry about! Regardless of your ship choice, you can be sure that all the MSC Cruises’ vessels are ideal for an unforgettable cruise.