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South Pacific Cruises

A South Pacific cruise offers the ultimate paradise island escape. Often departing from Australia or New Zealand, South Pacific cruises include destinations such as Fiji, Bora Bora and the Galapagos Islands.

If you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime luxury cruise around the South Pacific, you may want to enlist the help of a cruise expert to help plan your trip. Here at Cruise118, our dedicated Cruise Concierge are on hand to advise on every aspect of your cruise holiday, so please give us a call if you'd like any more information.


Polynesia is an expansive archipelago, made up of around 1000 islands distributed across the South Pacific Ocean. This huge archipelago encompasses several different smaller island chains, including French Polynesia, American Samoa, Tonga, Pitcairn Islands, Easter Island and the Cook Islands, amongst a number of other remote destinations. One of French Polynesia’s most popular and picturesque destinations is Tahiti. Tahiti is the perfect place to unwind on golden sandy beaches, or alternatively, jump into a plethora of coastal activities including scuba diving, fishing and sailing on the island’s crystal blue ocean waters. The Society Islands boast a number of other secluded and stunning island destinations, well worth visiting on a Pacific cruise getaway. These destinations include the mountainous island of Moorea, the beautiful lagoons of Bora Bora, the archaeologically significant Huahine and the paired islands of Raiatea and Taha’a, which are viewed as the cradle of the ancient Polynesian society. There’s also the culturally rich and sun-soaked islands of American Samoa and Tonga, where visitors will discover a host of intriguing sites and exciting cultural experiences, complemented by a beautiful climate and majestic landscape.

Galapagos islands
Galapagos islands iguanas

Cut off from the rest of the world by hundreds of miles of ocean, the Galapagos Islands are one of the most intriguing and exciting destinations in the Pacific, perfect for intrepid travellers looking for an adventurous trip of discovery. Expedition cruises are a fabulous way to discover the beauty of these secluded islands, perhaps most famous for their array of spectacular and endemic wildlife. The Galapagos Islands gained notoriety after renowned naturalist Charles Darwin travelled there aboard the Beagle to study the region’s native wildlife. Travellers to the Galapagos can observe the island’s wildlife for themselves, from the endearing giant tortoises which amble lazily around the islands, to the fascinating marine iguanas, whose arrival on the islands still remains a mystery. The Galapagos Islands are also a haven for bird-watchers, as a number of rare and amazing avian species populate the region, including majestic storm petrels and albatrosses.

Elsewhere in the pacific
Milford Sound

A voyage across the Pacific does not always call exclusively at the many secluded islands that populate this vast body of water. Many Pacific cruises will also incorporate larger nearby destinations, such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan, as their Pacific coastlines make them an ideal stopping point during an exciting journey across this expansive and beautiful part of the world.

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