The Cruise Quiz

The Cruise Quiz

A few years ago, I used to host the pub quiz for my local. It was good fun, and I’ve realised it could be interesting to introduce that skill of researching and writing tricky questions to the blog. So that’s what I’ve done. Here’s my first Cruise118 quiz. Comment with your answers, I’ll confirm them all in a blog next week.

Question 1: The Norwegian Epic and the Allure of the Seas are the biggest ships in their respective fleets, but which came first?

Question 2: And speaking of Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, which line has the most ships currently on order?

Question 3: What is the name of the new P&O ship, which is due to launch in 2015 as the biggest ship both for the P&O fleet and for the UK market?

Question 4: The Carnival Sunshine was relaunched this year, but what was her original name before being refurbished?

Question 5: Name the mascot of the children’s clubs on-board MSC ships, star of the catchy song that was recorded this year as the fleet’s anthem for younger cruisers.

Question 6: Who is the godmother of the Royal Princess, the ship that launched in June of this year?

Question 7: With Azamara Club Cruises, there are special excursions available on a complimentary basis, with one taking place on most cruises, which show you more of the local culture with special dinners or live performances. What are these called?

Question 8: Name all four Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ ships.

Question 9: What is the term used for the biggest dimensions a ship can be and still be able to sail through the Panama Canal?

Question 10: How many cruise lines have a ship whose name includes the word spirit?

Most, if not all, of these answers are available in our blog posts so you’ve no excuse for not knowing or being able to find the answers. There are no prizes apart from pride, but surely that’s incentive enough, so answers below please.

By Ian Lewis

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Jenni Fielding
Jenni has been working in the travel industry for over 10 years. She fell in love with cruising on her first-ever cruise, a Caribbean cruise on Allure of the Seas, during her honeymoon in 2013. Nowadays, Jenni enjoys cruising with her husband and two young children. Her favourite ships are family-friendly megaships which are packed with exciting facilities. She loves sea days and had been known to skip port visits to spend more time on the ship!

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  1. Tilly November 1, 2013 Reply

    I've probably got most of these wrong but will have a go, LOL! Q1 - They were both 2010. Q2 - They each have one - Quantum of the Seas and Norwegian Getaway Q3 - Britannia Q4 - Carnival Destiny Q5 - Doremi Q6 - Duchess of Cambridge Q7 - Land Discoveries Q8 - Braemar, Balmoral, Black Watch and Boudicca Q9 - Panamax Q10 - 2 - Norwegian and Seabourne Spirit

  2. Ian November 1, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for your answers Tilly! You got 6/10 right. I won't say which ones yet though! We'll blog again soon with the answers so keep an eye out for those.

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