Cruising to the World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, you will be well aware that the FIFA World Cup in Brazil is due to kick off today in Sao Paulo, as the national team of Brazil face Croatia in the first of the group stage matches. The tournament will go on for just over a month, with the final taking place in Rio de Janeiro at the Estádio de Maracanã. Many different stadiums across Brazil will be utilised for the competition, in a number of cities all over the country. This blog will take a look at some of the host cities and stadia that you can cruise to, as well as the group stage matches taking place there, to hopefully leave you tempted to book a last minute cruise to the game!

São Paulo

The first game of the FIFA World Cup 2014 will take place in São Paulo – the largest city in Brazil. São Paulo offers a brilliant mix of historic and contemporary cultural experiences, from the historic centre of town to the many marvellous theatres and concert halls distributed around the region.

Sao Paulo

Stadium: Arena de São Paulo


12th June | Group A | Brazil vs. Croatia

19th June | Group D | Uruguay vs. ENGLAND

23rd June | Group B | Netherlands vs. Chile

26th June | Group H | South Korea vs. Belgium


The wonderful city of Natal on Brazil’s Atlantic coast boasts a fantastic mix of intriguing historical sites, verdant nature reserves and pristine sandy beaches. It is also the ideal location from which to explore the breathtaking natural landscape of the entire Rio Grande de Norte state in which it resides.


Stadium: Arena das Dunas


13th June | Group A | Mexico vs. Cameroon

16th June | Group G | Ghana vs. USA

19th June | Group C | Japan vs. Greece

24th June | Group D | Italy vs. Uruguay


A city often seen as the birthplace of Brazilian culture, Salvador is famous for the stunning architecture of its historic old town – which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – as well as its lively music scene and bustling carnival atmosphere.


Stadium: Arena Fonte Nova


13th June | Group B | Spain vs. Netherlands

16th June | Group G | Germany vs. Portugal

20th June | Group E | Switzerland vs. France

25th June | Group F | Bosnia & Herzegovina vs. Iran


One of Brazil’s largest and most vibrant metropolises’, the city of Forteleza is a contemporary city but has not forgotten its historical roots. While many of the area’s structures date back for centuries, the city is also a hotbed for offshore activities and modern-day pursuits, such as kite and wind surfing.


Stadium: Estádio de Castelão


14th June | Group D | Uruguay vs. Costa Rica

17th June | Group A | Brazil vs. Mexico

21st June | Group G | Germany vs. Ghana

24th June | Group C | Greece vs. Ivory Coast


When you aren’t watching the football in Recife, a trip to the coast is essential! Boa Viagem Beach on Recife’s scenic coastline in arguably one of the world’s best urban beaches, whilst further inland, visitors will discover a wealth of historic churches and fantastic museums.


Stadium: Arena Pernambuco


14th June | Group C | Ivory Coast vs. Japan

20th June | Group D | Italy vs. Costa Rica

23rd June | Group A | Croatia vs. Mexico

26th June | Group G | USA vs. Germany

Rio de Janeiro

Perhaps Brazil’s most famous city, Rio de Janeiro is known throughout the world as a hub of vibrant culture. Tourists can head to Copacabana beach to relax n the sun, travel up Sugarloaf Mountain to gain a unique vantage point and take a cable car up to the iconic Christ the Redeemer monument – or perhaps even watch some football?!

Rio de Janeiro

Stadium: Estádio de Maracanã


15th June | Group F | Argentina vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina

18th June | Group B | Spain vs. Chile

22nd June | Group H | Belgium vs. Russia

25th June | Group E | Ecuador vs. France


The tropical city of Manaus – situated close to the lush Amazon Rainforest and river – will play host to the first of England’s group stage matches as the team take on Italy. Whilst the city centre boasts an array of historic architecture, a trip into the nearby rainforest is a must for intrepid travellers.


Stadium: Arena de Amazônia


14th June | Group D | ENGLAND vs. Italy

18th June | Group A | Cameroon vs. Croatia

22nd June | Group G | USA vs. Portugal

25th June |  Group E | Honduras vs. Switzerland


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