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Fast food

As I am sure you already know, this week is National Chip Week! What’s that? You didn’t know? Well thank goodness you stumbled across this blog. Yes, the nation’s favourite side order has its very own week and to celebrate this momentous time of year, we here at Cruise118 have decided to honour the occasion by taking a look at some of the tastiest junk food and fast food options available to passengers embarking on a fabulous all-inclusive cruise getaway. A plethora of fast food from around the world can be found aboard luxury cruise vessels, so which is your favourite?


Burger and chips is the classic fast food combination, enjoyed by millions of people around the Fast foodworld. You won’t find any McDonalds restaurants aboard cruise vessels, but there are a fantastic range of fast food outlets serving burgers and chips to seafaring travellers. Many of the Carnival line’s vessels contain a Guy’s Burger Joint, operated by Food Network personality Guy Fieri. This excellent fast food eatery offers a range of different types of burgers including the very popular bacon-laced Piggy Patty.

Oceania Cruises also provide guests with the ultimate gourmet burger and chips meal at their wonderful Wave Grill. Passengers can opt for a scrumptious burger made with Black Angus beef, Swiss cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce, or alternatively, try the Kobe burger, made of Wagyu beef and a delectable truffle sauce.

Classic all-American burgers are available aboard Royal Caribbean’s vessels at their Johnny Rockets fast food outlet. Johnny Rockets serves delicious burger and chips meals with an American-style theme, reminiscent of the 1950s era of American history. Also, for an American twist on a classic chip dish, try Johnny Rockets’ delicious chilli-fries, covered in melted cheese and onions.

Hot Dogs

Scrumptious hot dogs are also on offer aboard the many Royal Caribbean vessels, at their Boardwalk Dog House restaurant. This delightful open-air establishment serves a choice of all-beef, Kosher Coney Island hot dogs with a wide range of tempting toppings.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship, the Norwegian Breakaway, is home to an authentic New York-style Fast foodhot dog cart situated on the Waterfront promenade. This authentic slice of New York serves guests with delicious all-beef hot dogs alongside a variety of terrific sauces and toppings from onions to chilli.

Disney-style hot dogs are available at Disney Cruise Line’s Pluto’s Dog House at certain times of the day. This excellent on-board fast food outlet also sells a plethora of other scrumptious options including burgers and chicken fingers.


Pizza is available in a wide range of establishments on a number of different vessels, served as both a sit-down meal and as a fast food option. Princess Cruises, however, claim to serve the best pizza at sea. Guests can grab a single slice or a whole pie of mouth-watering hand-tossed pizza with just cheese or multiple toppings, by the pool or in the sophisticated on-board restaurants. Pizza is a firm favourite amongst cruise passengers, which is why it is readily available on a plethora of cruise ships in many different dining areas.

Other Options

Excellent speciality junk food can also be found on several luxury cruise vessels. Passengers can experience a Mexican sensation and help themselves to tasty tacos on all of Holland America’s ships. Located next to Terrace Grill, guests will find a terrific do-it-yourself taco bar, featuring tortilla and taco shells alongside a range of fillings such as salsa sauce, chilli and chicken fajitas.

Fans of Indian cuisine will find their favourite dishes aboard select Carnival vessels at delightful outdoor venues, where Indian-themed meals are available in the form of delectable chicken and fish curries, guaranteed to please fast food and takeaway enthusiasts.


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