We’ve all been there. Slumbering on a sunbed and yearning for a delicious thirst-quenching cocktail, but not a waiter in sight and it’s simply too much effort to go to the bar.

Thankfully, it’s a dilemma that’s fast disappearing on Princess Cruises’ ships thanks to a neat little disc, the size of a 10p piece, called Ocean Medallion.

Bracelet - Ocean Medallion - Princess Cruises

It’s the latest in new wearable technology that is set to replace the traditional key card and promises to revolutionise the cruise experience for guests with a host of new features.

One of the most impressive is being able to order food and drink from any location on the ship without moving a muscle, as the crew come to you. It was something I couldn’t wait to try on a recent sailing aboard Caribbean Princess, which debuted the device last September, and I picked my moment while relaxing languidly in the hot tub.

Stretching out across the bubbling waters, I grabbed my smartphone and tapped in a request for a mojito and within a few minutes, the barman appeared proudly carrying my cocktail on his tray. It was certainly a mouth-watering moment, though the service has yet to be rolled out across all the ship’s locations as some of the most remote areas of the deck (where this would be most useful) were not covered on my voyage.

Another winning feature that’s already proving popular with guests – and won my vote too – is Ocean Medallion’s ability to automatically unlock the cabin door which meant I didn’t spend precious minutes fumbling around for my key card. Instead, as I walked up to my cabin a special device by the door automatically read my medallion, which I was wearing around my neck in a special pendant which is one of the special accessories guests can buy. As my picture popped up on the small screen, the light on the door handle turned to green and a click signified that the door was now unlocked.

Bracelet - Ocean Medallion - Princess Cruises

Rather like a key card, Ocean Medallion also doubles up as a payment device around the ship, where no signatures are needed – guests just slip it into a specially-designed reader to complete the transaction.

But this piece of high-tech really comes into its own when combined with six related apps that can be downloaded to a phone or alternative mobile device, as follows:

Ocean Ready

Ocean Ready - Princess Cruises

This app allows passengers to download details of their passport, credit card and photo at home before departure, which speeds up embarkation.

Ocean Now

Ocean Now - Princess Cruises

This enables food and drinks to be ordered from around the ship using your mobile device, with waiters guided by the guest’s picture and location details that pop up on each server’s device.

Ocean Compass

Ocean Compass - Princess Cruises

This wayfinder app helps passengers navigate the ship. A “ShipMates” feature additionally enables them to locate friends or family and to invite others to become ShipMates too.

Play Ocean

Play Ocean - Princess Cruises

Use this app to set up an “Ocean Tagalong” – your own avatar in the shape of a seahorse, turtle or butterfly fish. Take part in Games Under the Stars sessions on the giant movie screen on deck, using your smart device as a game controller or play games on smaller portals around the ship where you can join an interactive digital scavenger hunt that sends players to screens at different locations.

Ocean Casino

Ocean Casino - Princess Cruises

Just the app for anyone who fancies a flutter at slots, poker, roulette. You can even log into a live bingo game.

Ocean View

Ocean View - Princess Cruises

This app lets users stream TV shows from their stateroom to their sunlounger.

The options are ample, helped by the 7,000 sensors and 100 miles of cable that bring Ocean Medallion to life, and its capabilities are growing all the time as Princess adds more features enabling guests to shape their cruise holiday to their own preferences.

I enjoyed sitting with a friend as she tracked her husband via the ShipMates feature as he made his way back to their cabin in innocent oblivion – though I couldn’t help wondering what would have happened if he’d wandered off elsewhere!

Racing my cute seahorse avatar in the Games Under the Stars contests was another fun escapade that brought out my competitive streak and I could see this as a must-do activity for families wanting to race against each other.

Ocean Medallion - App and device - Princess Cruises

But one of the best benefits is that the Ocean Medallion apps won’t cost you a penny as passengers don’t need to cash out for internet usage (even though Princess claims it is the fastest at sea with land-like connectivity speeds) as they are contained on the ship’s own intranet system.

No wonder it’s proving popular with guests who are already using this new system on Caribbean Princess and Regal Princess.

The new network will be rolled out on more of the line’s ships later this year when it debuts on Royal Princess, Crown Princess and the newest ship Sky Princess, when it launches in October, before eventually going fleet-wide.

If you would like to find out more about Princess Cruises and sailings which this is available on, call our Cruise Concierge team on 0808 1234 118 for expert advice and assistance.

Have you booked on-board Princess Cruises this year? Are you exciting to give this innovative technology a try? Let us know in the comments below!

Sara Macefield
Sara Macefield is an award-winning travel journalist of more than 20 years standing, and has spent the last decade writing about the cruise industry – exploring the world's oceans and rivers on ships of all sizes. Having notched up more than 100 cruises, her most memorable trips have been to Alaska with its superb wildlife, and sailing along Burma’s remote Chindwin River to villages far off the tourist track. She writes regularly for The Times and Daily Telegraph and has written for the Daily Mail, The Guardian, Daily Express and Woman & Home Magazine.

8 Responses to “Ocean Medallion: The revolutionary technology from Princess Cruises”

  1. Connie Wolff

    Where do I find these apps so I might download them before embarking?

  2. Julieanne Budgen

    Im sorry but l still dont feel confident about your medallion service, on previous cruises it was difficult to even get internet service, now not a problem with those 6 mysterious huge white balls on top of your ships. Sorry not convinced and not travelling with supercharged internet possibly 5G on board.

  3. Julieanne Budgen

    I wouldn’t feel safe travelling with this super powered technology, too much radiation which causes simular symptoms to the corona virus 19.

    • Emma Smith

      Hi Julieanne, the Ocean Medallion is powered using communication technologies such as near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth low energy (BLE). Your device communicates to numerous readers and sensors across the ship to offer a highly-advanced digital experience on-board.

  4. Susan

    We are booked on the sky and have questions about cruising with this technology and a pacemaker. I heard it has a magnet embedded in the medallion. Do you have any info on this?
    Thank you, Susan

    • Emma Smith

      Hi Susan, Princess Cruises have previously said that wearing the medallion as a necklace or bracelet may not be suitable to pacemaker wearers. We would suggest speaking to your doctor prior to sailing to ensure you will be comfortable on-board. Many thanks, Emma.

  5. Kate

    Hi can u just confirm all these apps can be used without WiFi ? Just through the ships intranet ? Does this include during embarkation ?
    We were not going to use phones on board as not paying for WiFi . We are on regal princess in April .

    • Emma Smith

      Hi Kate, yes, the use of Ocean Medallion is contained on Princess Cruises’ own intranet system so you don’t need to spend money for WiFi in order to use it. Currently, UK guests collect their devices upon check-in, soon as you embark. If you’re looking to book a cruise with Ocean Medallion, make sure it’s available on-board as it is currently not fleet-wide. You can contact our Cruise Concierge on 0808 1234 118 if you would like any further information on Princess Cruises. Thanks, Emma.


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