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Manage my booking

There are certain parts of your holiday which can help you with. But there are certain things only your cruise line can help with. Take a look below to see who can help you.
How can help
We want to make your holiday as straightforward as possible. Login into our ‘Manage my booking’ and you can:
  • Pay your balance
  • Submit passport information
To log in, you’ll just need your booking reference which is found on your confirmation email (it begins with WOR).
How your cruise line can help
Your on-board experience is key to enjoying your holiday and there are many things you can do within your cruise line account or in many cases within their app.
You can:
  • Book your dining at speciality restaurants
  • Pre-book your drinks and Wi-Fi packages (if available)
  • Add passenger information and complete mandatory questionnaires
  • Check-in online
  • Download your cruise tickets
You will need:
Your name, date of birth, passport details, email address, departure date, ship name, and your cruise line booking reference which can be found on your Booking Confirmation email here:
Manage my booking online
Register with your cruise line now, either on their website on on their mobile app:

Book your next cruise...on-board?

Did you know you can book your next cruise whilst you´re on ship?

It´s the easiest ways of securing your next holiday at an incredible price. You´ll also get some amazing benefits including:

  • Up to $500 FREE to spend on-board
  • Save 60% on second passengers
  • Low deposits

And don´t worry! You´ll still benefit from our incredible Concierge service - your new booking will be handled by

Ask your Concierge today about what you can benefit from when you book your next cruise on-board.

Why book onboard
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