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A golden sandy beach on the Greek island of Syros The Parthenon in Athens Beautiful architecture on the coast of Santorini

Greece is one of the major destinations in the eastern Mediterranean, featuring a treasure trove of ports and islands to explore, combining to wave a rich variety of attractions.

Cruises to Greece take many forms, whether it’s a mini-break focused around Athens or something longer like a grand cruise across the entire Mediterranean. There's something for everyone, from beach holidays to exploring the fascinating ancient ruins and sites that this inspiring country boasts.

With over 150 populated islands there’s a brilliant selection of destinations that could feature in a cruising itinerary sailing around Greece. We've highlighted some of the standout ports that you can find when visiting the country.


Athens is the capital city of the country, and one of the most popular places to visit in the entire Mediterranean. It's accessed via the port of Piraeus, which is often used as an embarkation or disembarkation port for a range of cruises both through Europe and to the Middle East.

This modern city still retains a lot of its ancient history, especially with the Acropolis, a site featuring famous landmarks including the Parthenon which to this day, dominates the skyline.

Excursions can take you to the site of the original Olympic games or to the bustling city centre where there is ample opportunity to explore and shop.

Historical Greece

Much of Greece is steeped in history, and if you've an interest in seeing ancient sights then there are many towns and cities where you can indulge.

Katakolon is one port sure to fascinate, as it is the gateway for the site of Olympia, where the original Olympic games were held, and which is also home to a beautiful national park.

If your interest is in a more modern period, then Corfu is ideal. Known for its medieval buildings, this particular island home to attractive coastlines and beaches - make sure to visit the 15th century Old Fortress and the magnificent stone work of the St Spyridon Church.

Greek Islands

There is a great range of islands in Greece to visit, showcasing the amazing wealth of attractions that the country has to offer.

One of the most prominent is the island of Santorini. If you love your scenery then a visit to Santorini is essential. The island was formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, creating the gorgeous caldera at its centre.

The host of villages resting upon its cliff tops are a perfect place from which to enjoy panoramic views of an electric blue lagoon. There are even excursions to the visit the volcanic islands which rest in the waters surrounding the island.

Another popular island is Mykonos, widely regarded as having some of the best beaches that to be found anywhere, let alone in Greece. Not only can you unwind on pristine sands but there's the quaint and interesting Mykonos Town to explore, featuring monasteries, museums and intricate temples.

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