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Malaga's large bustling harbour Impressive buildings along the Malaga coast Majestic architecture in the Spanish city of Malaga

This sun-drenched city is revered as a superb gateway to the Mediterranean, but is also a great jumping off point for Transatlantic cruises.

The port itself manages to be both stylishly modern and historic, rivalling any of the Greek islands for charming atmosphere. The narrow pedestrian streets make Malaga a quaint port to explore even during the height of the summer months.

Unlike its Spanish counterparts, Malaga doesn’t wind down during July and August. The chic bars, trendy restaurants and cool hangouts remain full of life throughout the whole of the summer. Due to the incredible climate, it is rarely cold in Malaga – even in December and January it’s easy to find people outside of the many bustling cafes lining the waterfronts.

What can’t be overstated is how well connected Malaga is to some of the world’s finest ports. Typical ports of call for cruises from Malaga can be found all over the globe – not only can you enjoy the best of the Costa del Sol, but amazing destinations all over Portugal. Cruisers can go from experiencing the gentle breezes of the Spanish coastline to enjoying the urban thrills of Lisbon in the space of a single sailing. With its numerous art galleries and glamorous restaurant scene, the Portuguese capital would be a highlight of any cruise - but if you’re travelling from Malaga, it’s just a taste of the destinations you could visit.

From the sparkling seas of the Costa del Sol, many sailings even travel as far afield as Caribbean destinations such as Puerto Rico. This paradise island is filled with bioluminescent bays – bodies of water filled with microscopic organisms that glow brightly in a full moon. As such, it’s an idyllic place to swim, snorkel and scuba dive as well as explore vast rainforests filled with gorgeous flora and fauna.

As for the rest of the destinations, it’s a veritable highlight reel of superb travel destinations. Gibraltar, France, Italy, even Florida are all ports which can be reached on cruises from Malaga. From the renaissance art of Rome, to the dazzling sunshine of Fort Lauderdale, the best of the world’s cruise ports are on offer.

Both a beautiful port in itself and a great place from which to embark on a cruise, Malaga is a fantastic port for cruisers to embark from.

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