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Travel Checklist & Useful Information

While you are getting ready for your next cruise holiday we are here to do all we can to make sure you have an enjoyable trip.

Travel advice and requirements are subject to frequent change and so we recommend staying up to date with travel advice ahead of any planned travel.

Please read our content carefully or click the below links to navigate to the information.

Travel Checklist & Useful Information

We advise you to ensure that you are up to date on the latest travel advice and information. Here is our round up of the useful information and guidance that we recommend reading at the time of booking and in the lead up to your holiday.

Latest Travel Advice
Check for all the UK Government’s latest travel advice in one place.

We also advise customers to check the Passenger COVID-19 Charter framework, which outlines consumer rights and responsibilities for international travel.

Travel Alerts
You can sign up for travel alerts and destination specific information at This includes any visa requirements, entry restrictions, screening or quarantine requirements for your destination
COVID-19 Test
You may be required to take a COVID-19 test ahead of travelling to another country. We advise you to check this at least 2 weeks before travel at, and if needed arrange a private test. The government has introduced a traffic light system, detailing specific requirements for each green, amber, and red listed country. Alongside this, each cruise line also has certain testing requirements to adhere to in order to board with them. You can find out the latest information relating to these here:
Air Travel Guidance
Read the air travel guidance on steps to take if you’re flying. You can find this at
Provider Requirements
Check with your cruise line or accommodation provider for their requirements to travel and any additional health and safety protocols. You can find this information here:
Travel Advice Changes
Be aware that travel advice can change during your holiday, so ensure that you check the latest advice during your holiday, as well as before departure

Travel Insurance

We advise you take adequate travel insurance at the time of booking your holiday.

Cruise lines require all passengers to have adequate travel insurance covering medical and repatriation and boarding could be refused if evidence of travel insurance cannot be provided.

Cruise lines may have specific requirements for travel insurance please refer to your cruise lines’ terms and conditions.

We also advise you to check that your travel insurance includes cover for COVID-19 to ensure you have adequate protection in the event that you, or a member of your party test positive for COVID-19 ahead of, or during your holiday, and are required to isolate and unable to travel.

  • You are not entitled to a refund if you are prevented from travelling due to COVID-19
  • You may not be entitled to a refund if you are refused boarding by the cruise line at embarkation
  • You may not be entitled to any additional costs incurred as a result of needing to self isolate during your holiday

However, we will always provide reasonable assistance in supporting any of our customers in making necessary arrangements or changes to their holiday before departure or during their holiday.

Please check your cruise line specific travel insurance requirements here:

If you need to arrange travel insurance, you can acquire an onlne quotation for travel insurance, including Covid cover, here:

These are suggested referrals only and does not recommend any specific insurance companies.

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Passenger Locator Form

The UK Government requires all people over the age of 18 travelling outside of the UK to complete a Passenger Locator Form. This form needs to be completed 48 hours before re-entering the UK from any country, even if this country is in the travel corridors list. You may be fined if you have not completed the form by the time you reach the UK border.

This form has to be completed and submitted on the website,

This is a free service, and after completion, you will receive a QR code via email. You can print this out or show it on your phone as proof of completion.

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Passport Requirements

When the UK left the EU on 31st December 2020, the passport requirements for travel changed. It is essential that you check the new requirements and ensure your passport is valid for travel.

Travel after 1st January 2021

Now that the UK has left the EU, there are some extra steps you will need to take to be ready for your trip.

Check to see if your passport will still be valid. If you have a British passport, you can use the Government’s passport checker to see if you need to renew your passport.

Click here to check your passport will still be valid on your dates of travel.

The UK Government has also provided full details of the new requirements. Please ensure you check these details in full at

Cruise lines also require all guests to provide a valid passport at the time of travel, even from cruises within the UK.

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The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is still valid for travel, provided that it is still in date.

At the time of renewal, you will need to apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). This process is free of charge.Apply for GHIC on the NHS website here.

An EHIC or GHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance. You will need to take out comprehensive travel insurance with sufficient healthcare cover, including cover for existing medical conditions and any activities you plan to do.

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